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Celebrity Athlete Interviews

Interviews With Bench Pressers, Powerlifters, Bodybuilders, Strongmen, Strength Coaches, Fighters & Other Pro Athletes

Bench Press InterviewsBench Presser Interviews

Interview with Bencher Anton Kraft
Interview with Bencher Jared Bachmeier
Interview With Edward "Doctor Bench" Dudley-Robey, M.D.
Interview With Bench Presser Neal Dreisig
Interview With Bench Presser Travis Rogers
Bodybuilder, Strongwoman & Figure Competitor Christi Witmer
Bench Press & Highland Games Competitor Amanda Micka
Breaking Hearts & Records - Meet Mari Asp
Interview With Bench Press Berzerker Brad Heck
Interview With Bench Press Monster Jeremy Hoornstra
Interview With Huge Bencher Mike Siegler
Interview With Bench Press World Record Holder Jay Fry
Interview With Sensational Bencher Claude Bouyer
Bench Specialist Travis Bell of Westside Barbell
Bench Specialist Paul Key Of NGBB Elite
Andre Girley Benches 225 For 46 Reps
New Interview With Luminary Bencher Damian Osgood
A Chat With Big Bench Presser John Dolan
Interview With Bench Presser "Big Willie" J.T. Hall, III
Interview With Awe-Inspiring Bench Presser Rock Lewis
Interview With Herculean Bench Presser Frank Caminita
Jack Reape Interview - Tons of Bench Tips
Interview With John Burkhead of FL
Interview With Super Bencher James Burdette
Interview With Bench Press Monster Barry Williams
Interview With Bench Press Star Gina Benton
Interview With Bencher Edward G. Dudley-Robey, M.D.
Interview With "The Brute" Curtis Dennis Jr.
Lisa Miller Benches 451 Pounds For 6th Highest Bench Ever
Interview With 100% RAW Pres. Paul Bossi
4 Classes - 4 Titles - Ken Wentworth
Bench Press Couple Bart Boggia and Jess Handshue
Bench Press Specialist Kenny Patterson
Nick Winters Closing Fast On The Raw Bench Record
Updated 2006 Shawn Lattimer Interview
Interview With 800 Pound Bench Presser Mike De Laval
Interview With 800 Pound Bench Presser Scott Yard
Interview With Bench Presser Sebastian Burns
Jay Fry Can Almost Bench Quadruple His Body Weight
Interview With Record Holder Jeremy Hoornstra
Interview With Bench Press Record Holder Craig Schmalz
Interview With Paul "Tiny" Meeker
Interview With Bench Press Girl Anita Ramsey
Joe Mazza Benches 615 Weighing 165
Interview With 825 Pound Bencher Mike Wolfe
Interview With Scot Mendelson
Interview #2 With Damian Osgood
Powerlifting Benchpress Champ Ryan Kennelly
Gene Rychlak Is The First Man to Bench Press 1,000 Pounds
Interview With Bench Press Champ Mark Carter
Bench Press Monster Ryan Kennelly Interview
Interview with Bench Press Legend Jamie Harris by Ben Tatar
Interview with 810 LB Bench Press Champ, Shawn Lattimer
Damian Osgood Benches 480 @ 162 by Ben Tatar
Interview With Jesse Kellum by Ben Tatar
IPF World Bench Press Champion Jennifer Thompson by Ben Tatar
Exclusive Interview With Super Bencher Mike Witmer by Ben Tatar
Anthony Clark Interview by Tim Bruner
Interview With The Bench Press King George Halbert by Monster Muscle Mag

Powerlifter InterviewsPowerlifter Interviews

Interview with Blaine Sumner
Interview With Powerlifter Natalie Freed
Interview With Powerlifter James Hinson, JR
Interview With Powerbuilder Katherine Clark
Interview With Powerbuilder Bobby Myers
Interview With Powerlifter Luke Edwards
Interview With Powerlifter Garrett Griffin
Interview With Powerlifter Dave Hoff
Interview With Powerlifter & Strength Coach Andy Bowen
Interview With Powerlifter Jamie "Big Evil" Harris
Interview With Powerlifter Mike Strom
Interview With Powerlifter Rob Luyando
Interview With Powerlifter Tony Bolognone
Interview With Powerlifter David Delisle
Tribute Interview With Powerlifter Mike Witmer
Interview With Powerlifter Matt Burgett
Interview With Powerlifter Adam "Hulk" Hires
Interview With Slovakian Powerlifter Peter Mlynarcik
Interview With Powerlifter Shae Jones
Health Advice from Elite Powerlifter Eric Talmant
Interview With Powerlifter Chad Aichs
Interview With Powerlifter Charles Bailey
Interview With Powerlifter JL Holdsworth
Interview With Powerlifter Greg Doucette
Interview With Powerlifter Erik Whitfield
Interview With Mike Tuchscherer of the Air Force
Interview With Celebrity Trainer & Powerlifter Clint Phillips
Interview With Powerlifter Wayne Stover
Donnie Thompson Hits Biggest Total In Powerlifting History
Interview With Robyn Blankenship
Interview With APF Powerlifter Matt Sahlfeld
Interview With Brian Carroll of Team Samson
Multi-Ply All American Powerlifter Jim Grandick
Eric Talmant Powerlifter & Raw Unity Meet Founder
Deadlift King Andy Bolton
Interview With Exceptional Bench Presser Jeremy Hines
Interview With Powerlifter Ryan Celli
Powerlifter Jim Hoskinson Uses Injury To Excel
Meet Treston Shull of Team Super Training
Meet Glenn Baggett of NGBB
Interview With Adam Driggers of Team Samson
Interview With Elite Powerlifter Matt Kroczaleski
Interview With Powerlifter & US Air Force Serviceman Michael "Breaker" Schwanke
Interview With GA Powerlifter Matt "Powerdawg" Christie
Interview With Powerlifter Dave "The Reaper" Park
Danny Aguirre Overcomes Cancer Continues To Powerlift
Iron Man Powerbuilder Joey DeGiovine
Interview With Cheryl "Diesel" Clodfelter of East Coast Barbell
Talking Shop With Clint Smith of Samson Power
Interview With Eugene Fair of Tampa Barbell
Interview With IPF Powerlifter Shawn O'Halloran
Interview With NGBB Elite Powerlifter Drew Sheffield
Interview With Single-Ply Powerlifter Todd Schott
Interview With Powerlifer & Semi-Pro Footballer Steve Birdsong
Interview With Powerlifting Icon Richie Briggs
Interview With Powerlifting's Squat Connoisseur Jeff Lewis
Interview with Squat Prodigy Scott Weech
Interview With Suzanne Mikolay of Tampa Barbell
Interview With Powerlifter Robert Samsa
Jordan Dunn Interview - Squats 702 @ Age 16
Interview With Phillip "Rockman" Wylie of Bad Attitude Gym
Interview With Tampa Powerlifter Bill Beekley
Interview With Teenage Powerlifter Ben Etringer
Interview With Powerlifter Casey Reece
Interview With Powerlifter Daniel Connor
Updated Interview With Powerlifter Mike Schwanke
Interview With Kerry Self of the Raw Dogs
Interview With 2-Time WPC World Powerlifting Champion Eric Maroscher
Interview With 700 LB Bencher Adam "Phenom" Hicks
Interview With 800 Pound Deadlifter Greg Jurkowski
Teenage Squat World Record Holder Cody Yager
Chris Taylor Recovers From Heart Attack - Interview
Interview With FL Powerlifter Toby M. Irby
Interview With Orlando Barbell Owner Brian Schwab
Interview With Powerlifter Thomus Bodenbender
Interview With 600 Pound Bencher Travis Borstad
Interview With Teenage Powerlifting Star Joel Paredes
Interview With Teenage Sensation Amanda Harris
Interview With Jim Wendler of Elite Fitness Systems
Interview With Powerlifter Rickey Dale Crain
Interview With Powerlifter Greg Damminga
Laura Phelps Totals 10xs Her Body Weight
700 Pound Bencher Joey Smith
Powerlifter Jo Jordan of Orlando Barbell
Jeff Telljohn - World's Strongest 70-Year Old Powerlifter
Interview With Andy Bolton - World's Best Deadlifter
Interview with Leon Josaitis of Hardcorepowerlifting.com
Powerlifting Has Changed the Life of Dean Bennett!
Interview With Deadlifter "Sgt. Rock" Brent Howard
Powerlifter Chris Mason of AtLarge Nutrition
Interview With Chuck Vogelpohl
Interview With Bruce Swanson and Son
Wade Johnson Powerlifter and APA State Chairman of TN
Heavy Weight World Record Contender Chad Aichs
Powerlifter JT Hall Interview
Powerlifter Ken Ufford Interview
Interview with Powerlifting Champ Eric Stone
Interview with Deadlift Legend Vince Anello
Interview with Powerlifter Billy Mimnaugh
Interview with Bench Press Barbie Kara Bohigian
Interview with World Record Squat champion Mike Miller
Interview With Powerlifting Legend Kirk Karwoski
Interview With Powerlifter Gary Frank
Interview with Christi Witmer
Up Close & Personal With Strong Man Matt Smith
Interview with Famous Powerlifter Ed Coan by Ben Tatar
Interview with the World's Strongest Woman Becca Swanson
Can Brandon Cass Break Ed Coan's All Time Deadlift Record?
One on One With Veteran Powerlifter Roger Broeg by Ben Tatar
Interview With IFBB Pro and Powerlifter Eddie Robinson
800 Pound + Bencher Big Clay

Bodybuilder InterviewsBodybuilder Interviews

Interview with Bodybuilder Jerome Ferguson
Interview With Female Bodybuilder & Powerlifter Carol Ann Myers
Interview With Bodybuilder Gregg Valentino
Interview With Bodybuilder Marc Snyder
Interview With Morris Mendez By Musclephotos.com
Interview With Pro Bodybuilder Mo Mendez
Interview With The Texas Bulldog Joe Mcree
Interview With Bodybuilder Jacob Ryan Wilson
Interview With Bodybuilder Shavis Higa
Interview With Bodybuilder Shinji Ogita
Bodybuilder Alex Azarian Interview
Inspirational Interview With Bodybuilder John Quinn
Interview With Bodybuilder & Diet Coach Tad Inoue
Interviw With Pro Bodybuilder Mark Metzger
Interview With Bodybuilder Frank DeFeo
Interview With Bodybuilder Shiloe Steinmetz
Interview With Bodybuilder Victor Delcampo
Interview With Bodybuilder Sean Jones - Mass Attack
Interview With Natural Bodybuilder Hugo Rivera
Interview With Bodybuilder Perry Merlotti
Interview With Female Bodybuilder Karen Sessions
Interview With Jay "ICE Trainer" Piccirillo
Interview Lifetime Drug Free Bodybuilder Keisuke Yoshida
Interview With Bodybuilder & Powerlifter Rob Carbo
Interview With Natural Bodybuilder Ivan Nikolov
Interview With Legendary IFBB Bodybuilder Kenneth Flex Wheeler
Bodybuilding & Figure Couple Peter & Jess Putnam
The World's Biggest Bodybuilder Quincy Taylor
Interview With Bodybuilder Arthur Gooden
Interview With Bodybuilder Brian Yersky
Teen Bodybuilder Of The Year Yumon Eaton
Interview With Natural Pro Sean Larson
Interview With Figure Competitor & Model Michelle Bishop
Interview With Bodybuilder Craig Miles
Interview With Bodybuilder Sean Calder
2006 Interview With Jerome Dinh
Interview With Fitness Atlantic Promoter Brian Cannone
Kenny Gipson Was The Biggest Man @ The 06 Arnold!
Interview With Future Pro Hany Salib
Big Al Fortney Is Going For His Pro Card & Benches 600+
Interview With Bodybuilder Guillermo Escalante
Interview With Drug Free Bodybuilder Jerome Dinh
Natural Bodybuilder Chris Mitchell Says No To Steroids
Interview With Bodybuilder Jason Dayberry
In the mind of top bodybuilder Christine Sabo
Interview with Skip La Cour by Ben Tatar
Interview with Bodybuilder Rob Kreider by Ben Tatar
Interview with Bodybuilder Mark Dugdale by Ben Tatar
Interview with Bodybuilder Guy Grundy by Ben Tatar
Interview with Legendary Bodybuilder Dave Draper
Interview with Bodybuilder Tim Wescott
Interview with John Hansen, Natural Olympia Champion
Interview with Natural Bodybuilder/Model Anthony Catanzaro

Strongman InterviewsStrongman Interviews

Interview with Strongman Barry Von Perkins
Interview With Strongman Pat Wilson
Interview With Strongman Barry Von Perkins
Interview With LW Strongman Competitor Easton Taylor
Interview with Strongman Simon Cowdrey
Interview With Strongman Orri Geirsson
Interview With Light Weight Strongman Paul Neuhaus
Interview With Strongman Steve Barkley
Interview With Norwegian Strongman & WSM Competitor Espen BÝs Aune
World's Strongest Man LW Competitor Paul Vaillancourt
Strongman and Strength Coach Elliott Hulse
APC Pro Strongman Eric Todd Interview
Strongman Competitor Gavin Westenburger
The World's Strongest Furnace Man Bryan Beaune
Strongman Competitor Tim Nagy
Lightweight Strongman Champion Brad Cardoza
Interview With Strongman Heinz Ollesch
Interview With Fit Mari Asp
Isaac Neeser Has The World's Largest Chest
Interview with Powerlifter Jeff Maddy

Pro Athlete & Industry Expert Interviews

Interview with NFL Kicker Norm Johnson
Interview with National Hammer Thrower G. Martin Bingisser
Interview with Marc Stover of IdeaSphere
Interview with Football Coach Jimmy Lamour on Football Training
Interview with LFL Football Player Monique Gaxiola
Interview With Houston Texans Cheerleader Amanda Nicole
Craig Ballantyne Interviewed about Turbulence Training
Interview with Nutrionist, Cook and Bodybuilder Dave Ruel
Interview with Guitarist Brian Vodinh from "Ten Years Complete"
Interview with LFL football player Niki Ghazian: Part 2
Interview with LFL Defensive Coordinator Tui Suiaunoa
Interview With Washington Redskins DE Phillip Daniels
Interview with Jim Smitty Smith About His Accelerated Muscular Development (AMD) Program
Washington Redskins DE Phillip Daniels Opens Monster Garage Gym
Interview with LFL football player Niki Ghazian
Interview With Olle Lagerquist - Neuroscience and Exercise Physiology Researcher
Interview With Shane Dwyer of Lazy Man's Abs
Interview With Fitness Model Loriann Marchese
Interview With Personal Trainer & Success Coach Christopher Mitchell
Interview with Chico Navarro of Big Time Wrestling
Interview With Mountain Biking & Cyclo-Cross Competitor: "Nevada" Dave Norton
Most Ripped Male Fitness Model Obi Obadike
Interview with Pro BMXer Ryan Magin
Interview With Jim Smith, CSCS - Author of Combat Core
Interview With Charles Staley By Nick Nilsson
Inspirational Interview With Brian Boyle
Interview With Fitness Model Jamin Thompson
Interview with Fitness Couple Rob Youells and Tara LaValley
NFL Super Bowl and Pro Bowl Player Brendon Ayanbadejo
Interview With Personal Trainer Micah LaCerete, aka Hitch
Interview With American Gladiator Wolf!
Interview With Olympic Weigth Lifter Zach Beadle
Fitness Competitor Model & Designer Sylvia Tremblay
Former Alpine Skier and Model Ania Morton
Arena Football Player & Powerlifter Chris Janek
Interview With Powerlifting Promotor Sean Zilla Katterle
Interview With BMF Sports Founder Shawn "Bud" Lyte
Interview With Doberman Dan Gallapoo
Strength & Conditiong Coach Mark Strasser
Pesonal Trainer/Powerlifter Shawn Bellon
MLB Player Will Groff of the St. Louis Cardinals
Arena Football Player Steve Konopka
Interview With Pro Coach Charles Poliquin
Interview With Sean Nalewanyj of MuscleGainTruth.com
Interview With Critical Bench Owner Mike Westerdal
Nick Nilsson and his Specialization Exercises
We Ask Strength Coach Mike Mahler About Kettlebells
Interview with Jeff Anderson the "Muscle Nerd"
Interview with Will Brink
New Interview with Ben Tatar
Interview with Ben Tatar
Paul Becker of TrulyHuge interview
Interview with WWE's and UFC's Ron Waterman by Ben Tatar
Interview With ESPN's Barry Melrose

Pro Fighter InterviewsProfessional Fighter Interviews

Interview with UFC All-Star Tito Ortiz
Interview with UFC Fighter Gray Maynard
Interview with UFC Fighter Phil Baroni
Interview With UFC superstar Travis Lutter
Interview With Bill Bain of Championship Pro Wrestling
Interview With UFC Fighter Dean Lister
Interview With UFC Legend Tom "The Big Cat" Erikson
Interview With Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Fighter Steve Heath
Interview With UFC Great Jeff "The Snowman" Monson
Interview with Full Contact Fighter KJ Noons
Interview With UFC and Full Contact Legend Guy Mezger
Interview with Full Contact Fighter Justin Steave
Interview with Professional MMA Fighter AL "Mr. Big" Buck
Interview With the Fallen Angel, Dominique Robinson
Interview With MMA Fighter Joe "The Show" Camacho
Interview With MMA Fighter Seth "Bigsexi" Cole
Interview With UFC's Sean Sherk
Interview With Ultimate Fighter Tracy Taylor
Interview With Ultimate Fighter Forrest Griffin
Interview With Ron H20 Waterman
Interview With Martial Artist Thomas Kenney
Interview With Martial Artist Joe Lira
Interview With Martial Artist Razor Rob McCullough
Interview With Martial Artist Rich "No Love" Clementi
Interview With The Hungarian Nightmare Christian Wellisch
Interview With Mixed Martial Artist Fabiano Scherner
Interview With Full Contact Fighter Jeremiah Navarro
Interview With Full Contact Fighter Nathan Quarry
Interview With Full Contact Fighter Pete Sell
Interview With Full Contact Fighter Landon Showalter
Interview With Full Contact Fighter Mike Swick
Interview With Full Contact Fighter Frank Shamrock
Kenny Florian Explains What It Takes To Be An MMA Fighter


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