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Mo Mendez - Bodybuilding Star Growing up with six brothers can explain why I became interested in bodybuilding. I was constantly fighting, teasing, and competing against each other. My oldest brother was the start of it all when he used to bring in old muscle magazines from school and hide them away when he wasn't reading them. When he wasn't around the other five of us would sneak a peak from time to time.

We also read a lot of comic books and we would mimic what our older brothers did to build their physiques included push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. And all hell broke loose when the TV show The Incredible Hulk came on. I remember we used to run around the house with ripped up shirts and hi-water pants claiming that we were the Hulk and fighting each other. In our minds we did have incredible strength. The fun we had back then.

Moving on into junior high I remember meeting a new student who was Vietnamese and migrated to England. He was jacked for junior high school but he really was seven years older than everyone in the class but put back because of his transition to England. We became friends and after school we would go to his house and lift weights he had lying around. I remember I used to borrow one of his dumbbells it was 35lbs and from time to time I had to walk about 4 miles to my house with it each day I wanted to use it. I did every possible exercise I could do to build my frame. My idol at that time was Lou Ferrigno the biggest bodybuilder in the world, The Hulk, until I got wind that there was another bodybuilder that was better than Lou and he was the king of all bodybuilding. This was hard to believe and my brothers used to say that Arnold was this man but I refused to believe it .come on now, who was better than the Hulk? .For real, this was my crazy childhood memory.

When I moved to the United States I still had the mentality that all the girls were attracted to muscles and they would all want me because I lifted weights. I did a few sports in high school like track, soccer and wrestling but all I wanted to do was lift weights and with no money or transportation to join a gym I did push-ups and sit-ups, which was about it.

Author Mo Mendez Finally I saved some money and joined a gym and it was hardcore and I didn't know what I was doing so I watched everyone and just did what others did. It was at Ultimate Gym and there was a lot of thrash talking challenging each other and of course the flex off gradually as I got into it. I started to love it more and more. I lived a half-hour away from the gym but each day I jumped on the bus rain, sleet or snow. Three months into it the gym closed down and I didn't work out for three months plus at that time I didn't have a job or have money for a new gym. Two jobs later I was back in the market for a new gym and found East Coast Gym and stayed for a while and eventually moved to Iron Works in East Hartford, CT then to Natural Bodies, then World Gym, then to Body Fit and finally now I train at Gold's Gym in Bloomfield, CT.

For about 5 years I was on and off working out because of school and work but at age 27 I was dedicated and was always in the gym. I would lift a lot of weights but knew nothing about supplementation. I bought my first protein powder at GNC and later went to my first show, which was the ANBC Connecticut and said to myself I could beat everyone on the stage if I tried hard enough. Then along with good training, nutrition and taking supplements and people motivating me to do shows I eventually won the ANBC Connecticut State, NPC Connecticut State, along with a ton of other regional shows and eventually competing in the Fitness Atlantic Musclemania in 2000 in New Haven, CT and becoming a natural professional bodybuilder. I have competed in the Musclemania Professional circuit and won the Muslemania Superbody.

Due to winning the Fitness Atlantic Musclemania it opened many doors for me to meet the right people and eventually get on not just one but two covers of Muscle & Fitness.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Morris Mendez

Mo Mendez

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Mo Mendez DVD Beyond Built

Beyond Built

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