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September 27, 2022

Drink Water To Grow
By Mo Mendez

Drink Water To Grow

Protein is of primary importance as the body needs it for growth and repair. But there is one nutrient that is even more important for the body than protein - water. Water is the most important element that you can take. What does water have to do with putting on muscular body size? A lot. Muscles contain only a small percentage of protein, but of the 100 percent of elements that make up muscles, 78 percent is water. That's something to think about. Many people, including those who lift weights, are semi-dehydrated due to their lack of adequate water intake. Water is essential if you are trying to put on muscle size.

Water is not only the most abundant nutrient found in the body (accounting for roughly two-thirds of bodyweight), but it is also by far the most important nutrient. Since water is necessary for all of the building functions in the body it is extremely important for anyone who is trying to put on massive muscle size. The significance of water in putting on body bulk in the form of muscles cannot be overstated. One of the quickest ways to assist your body in putting on massive size is to drink a lot of water.

Drink Water To Grow

If you want to build big muscles, you have to make drinking a lot of water a priority! Recommended daily water intake: 1 to 2 gallons of water per day.

How Much Water?

Now that you know that water is essential for putting on body size, how much should you drink? How much is necessary for a body that is in hard training? The recommended amount for a sedentary person is about 1/2 to 1 gallon per day, however, for the person who is working out the amount is much higher. If you are on a mass muscle-gaining program combining heavy weight training and a fairly large intake of protein and complex carbohydrates, you should drink at least 1 or 2 gallons of water per day. Working out requires more water, and so does the digestion of all the food you are eating, particularly protein. And you are also in need of extra water for the muscle-building functions that you are focusing on. So make water intake a priority! You will probably find that you have been missing the mark in this area -most people don't get enough water at all, so be ready for a surprise. Drinking more water will affect you positively in other ways too, especially your overall health.

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