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About Alex Maroko

Alex Maroko is the owner of Basketball Fit, a highly sought after Private Basketball Training Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer and former college basketball player. At the ripe age of 20 years old, Alex has more than 5 years of training experience, working with basketball players ranging from the elementary all the way to the professional level

Alex’s areas of expertise revolve around the basketball player and his innate ability to extract incredible improvements in, but not limited to: Speed, vertical jump, strength, conditioning and injury-prevention. Alex has an extensive research background as well, and is always up to date on the latest scientific findings related to the mental and physical development of athletes.

Alex is the author of the well-received Effective Ball-Handling Program, and also an in demand writer, penning several articles for reputable websites such as BodyBuilding.com, Elitefts.com and CriticalBench.com.

He can also be contacted at AlexMaroko at gmail.com.


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