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September 27, 2022

Quickness Workouts
By Alex Maroko

Quickness Workouts

I was pretty sure I had discovered the solution.

Through years and years of trial and error, along with lots and lots of boring research, I finally came to a conclusion regarding how to get the most out of quickness workouts.

It all started when a colleague of mine told me about a recent study he had found where sport scientists had found a strong correlation between training that reached into the glyolytic zone and muscular/tendon stiffness (in this article, the glycolytic zone is just a set of an exercise that lasts around 10-60 seconds).

If you've watched The Truth About Quickness Insider's DVD, then you're already well aware of how important muscular and tendon stiffness is to becoming super, super quick. Like I just cannot state that enough, stiffness is huge.

So when my friend told me about this study, I came up with the idea of dedicating certain training days to working on certain qualities of quickness.

At first, the combinations I was using DID NOT work out so well. Results were decent, but I knew something was missing. I knew that our results could be OUTSTANDING.

Quickness Workouts

I kept playing around with it, and then when I thought all hope was lost and giving up sounded like a good idea, it dawned on me. The solution almost fell into my lap, but right when it popped into my head, I literally said to myself, "This is it. This is the answer."

So, I first put it to the test with just my own quickness workouts, and just as I was hoping for, the results came flying in like a 747. I then went and applied these cutting-edge ideas to my athletes and, volia, 747's again.

It was at that point that I knew I had stumbled onto something special. It was so simple, and it seems like no big deal on paper, but what it does for your quickness is remarkable. Here's what you do…

You split your quickness workouts up into 3 different workouts, and perform each one one day a week.

You split the quickness workouts into these 3 categories:

  1. Speed Focused

  2. Absorption Focused

  3. Endurance Focused

Speed and quickness drills that work mainly on your speed go in Category 1, speed and quickness drills that focus mainly on your reactive or absorptive strength go in Category 2 and speed and quickness drills that you're going to do for more than 10 seconds per set go in Category 3.

It's that simple. Choose the right quickness exercises, implement the right quickness progressions and split up your quickness workouts just like this and your quickness and speed will soon be off the charts.

You'll be flying around the field or court in no time, just like a 757 :-)


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