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October 4, 2023

Direct Relationships
By Alex Maroko

Direct Relationships

As I continue to grow and live life and train and all that other fun stuff, I am starting to notice how certain things positively relate to each other. That is, when on thing increases or improves, another things also increases or improves.

Some of these are totally obvious and others aren't quite as apparent. Let's take a look at some of them: (as the one on the left goes up, so too does the one on the right)

Money: Quantity/quality of things owned

McDonald's Consumption: Body-fat

Time spent on your cell-phone: Time spent annoying those around you

Time spent foam-rolling: Time spent feeling better everywhere

Water consumption: Metabolism

Reading books: Intelligence

Direct Relationships

Reading magazines: Stupidity

Doing things you enjoy: Energy

Watching 24: Catecholamine release

Listening to Eric Cressey: Shoulder Health

Listening to your parents: Nerdiness

Listening to your parents: Making all the right decisions

Making eye-contact: Quality of relationships

Time spent sitting: Inhibited glutes

Inhibited glutes: Back issues

Inhibited glutes: Running slower

Inhibited glutes: Jumping lower (get the point...just get your glutes turned on!)

Sugar alcohols: Body-fat and bloating

Direct Relationships Listening to Coldplay: Parasympathetic

Listening to Saliva: Lifting heavier weights

Talking to people who are where you want to be: Motivation

Earning Money: Valuing Money

Listening to Kelly Baggett: Performance

Practicing: Improving

Eating fruit: Sweet-tooth satisfaction

Taking care of your appearance: Others taking care of you

Accentuated eccentrics: Nagging pains

Hooded Sweatshirts: Comfort

Donating money: No fulfillment

Donating time: Fulfillment

E-books: Annoying, online sales copies (Guilty, http://www.effectiveballhandling.com)

Speaking your mind: Respect earned

Squatting: Focus

Dead lifting: Intensity

Listening to Dave Tate: Inspiration

Snatches and Cleans: Yoke

Watching the NBA: Disgust

Watching College Basketball: Less disgust

Seinfeld: Laughing

King of Queens: Laughing

Dane Cook: Nothing

Drinking good alcohol: I wouldn't know

Drinking cheap alcohol: Really drunk (allegedly, I'm only 20)

Direct Relationships Listening to Elliot Hulse: Outlook

Watching TV game shows: Thoughts of suicide

Bulgarian Split Squats: Ass

Chin-Ups: Biceps

Watching the news: Time wasted

Reading forums: Banging my head against the wall

Listening to Lyle McDonald: Nutrition

Listening to Jim Wendler: LMMFAO

Spending time in virtual (internet) reality: Losing touch

Spending time in reality: Gaining perspective

-Finally, the most important one of all-

Getting stronger: QUALITY OF LIFE

Alex Maroko is a currently a Kinesiology major at Michigan State University, and a former Division II college basketball player. Besides training himself and his clients, Alex likes to read, discuss and think about anything pertaining to training. At this point, it is borderline obsessive.

You can find out more about him at www.alexmaroko.blogspot.com or his first product, geared towards basketball players, at www.effectiveballhandling.com.



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