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Write A Review: Fix My Shoulder Pain

Write A Review Of The Program

If you are an affiliate and actively promoting the Fix My Shoulder Pain Program let us know and we will be glad to send you a review copy. To write your own review read the program, and then write down your thoughts.

Better yet follow the program and track your results.

Be honest, if you don't like something it's okay to say so. Rate it one out of five stars with five being the best. (Note: higher ratings work better obviously)

Talk about the bonus items and what you think the total package is worth or valued at.

List the program benefits and who you think will benefit from it.

State the price and brag about the guarantee.

What makes a review a great way to promote our program is that it will be unique to you. People love reading reviews and hearing what others think about products.
Another really good idea is to record yourself on video talking about the program and posting it to YouTube.  You can put your affiliate link in the description field in the very first line.  In the video tell them to click the link below for more information.

Here are a few sample reviews for you to model. Not many people take the effort to do this, so when you do you'll stand out.

Sample Reviews


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