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Message Interval Email Subject
1 1 Super Common Gym Injury Is…
2 1 Pain Free Squatting (video presentation)
3 1 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods (Eat These!)
4 1 King of all exercises really worth it? (video)
5 1 Try this next time you watch a movie
6 1 Do You Lockout the Weight?
7 1 More beneficial than stretching…

Cut And Paste eMail Templates

Here's how I load up my autoresponder and I suggest you do it the same way because it works big time.

Day 1 email:

Subject: 4 Tricks to Stop Knee Soreness
Subject: Get Back to Pain Free Workouts
Subject: Super Common Gym Injury Is…

Affiliate Link:  http://yourcbid.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=knee-injury  

Do your knees ever bother you?  If you're like me you probably
avoid certain exercises because they can cause annoying and
nagging soreness during or after your workout.

It turns out we're not alone though.  Over 36% of all exercise
related injuries affect the knee.  (Scary)

Keep in mind that statistic comes from people who visited the
doctor about their aches.  Most people probably just suck it up.
If that's you, be careful I'd hate to see it get more serious and
lead to a major blowout potentially putting you under the knife.
To help keep your knees healthy Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj
and the guys over at Critical Bench put together some quick
pointers for you at the link below.

4 Tricks to Stop Knee Soreness & Aches  < ----- Tip 3 Is Unconventional

Sign Off,  Your Name



Day 2 email:

Subject: Pain Free Squatting
Subject: Pain Free Squatting (video presentation)
Subject: Get Pain Free Squatting Free (tonight only)
Subject: You Don’t Know Squat!

Affiliate Link:  http://yourcbid.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=knee-injury
Image url: http://www.criticalbench.com/gains/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/pain-free-squat.png

If you or a training partner are suffering from any sort of
knee discomfort that is keeping you from giving 100%
during your workouts you should check out this web page.

For the price of a few bottles of advil you can get rid of nagging
knee pain for good.

This is not your typical rehashed rehab stuff that your grandma
uses.  Fix My Knee Pain utilizes the KR3 Method designed
by Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj. 

Rather than focusing on stretching and strengthening which is the
norm, Rick uses his "Knee Reshaping 3-Part Method" which
is based on one key concept.

Reshaping Your Knee from Painful to Pain Free

Does this sound almost too good to be true?

Well my friend Mike Westerdal who teamed up with Rick to offer
this product personally used the system to alleviate knee soreness
that was lingering from an old football injury and years of squatting
over 600 pounds in powerlifting competition.

If it worked on him, it will work on you like it has for thousands of
Rick's clients.

Plus, think about it.  If you learn just one trick (you'll learn way
more than that) the entire system pays for itself.

As if the price wasn't a good enough deal already this will put you over
the top and make this a no-brainer for you.

When you order today you'll also get access to this bonus.

Pain Free Squatting Included FREE

Pain Free Squatting  <<< Included Free Today

The Squat has been called the King of all exercises because it
involves so many muscle groups and releases so many muscle
building hormones like testosterone and growth hormone.

Unfortunately a lot of us hack the form and make a perfectly safe
exercise something that can lead to knee pain and potential injury
if done incorrectly.  This doesn't have to be the case!

Rick Kaselj, MS put together a video guide to Pain Free Squatting
to celebrate the Fix My Knee Pain Sales event.

You'll be shown how to perfect your form in an easy to understand step-
by-step manner.

After using Fix My Knee Pain and implementing the tips from Pain
Free Bench Squatting your knees will be feeling like new again and
you can start squatting the way you want again.

Pain Free Squatting Video Guide  <<< Click Here

The choice is yours.

Do you want to avoid exercises and hobbies that hurt for the rest of your
life and just deal with the nagging issues that may wind up becoming serious...

Or do something to Fix It.  All you need is a few minutes per week to spend
on this and you'll feel a tremendous difference.

Sign Off,
Your Name


Day 3 email:

Subject: 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods (Eat These!)
Subject: Reduce Inflammation Eat This..
Subject: Eat These Ten Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Pain Free Joints

Affiliate Link:  http://yourcbid.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=knee-injury  
Image url:  http://www.criticalbench.com/gains/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/knee-article.jpg

If you suffer from occasional joint inflammation and decide to pay a
visit to the doctor's office it's not very likely you'll start talking about food.

In fact they'll probably ask you when knee or other joints hurt the most,
tell you to stop the activity and recommend some kind of pain killer.

The article below courtesy of Injury Specialist and Exercise Physiologist
Rick Kaselj, MS provides a food based alternative that you should find

Rick is the guy who helped my buddy and fellow trainer Mike Westerdal
recover from a lingering football knee injury.

In fact, Rick is THE go to guy not just for Mike but for athletes that want to
get back to pain free workouts rather than being told, "not do what hurts."

He's the same guy who teaches the other fitness professionals the newest
techniques to help their own clients.  He has given over 315 live presentations
to over 6065 health and fitness professionals across Canada and the USA.

After reading the insightful article below be sure to check out his brand new
Fix My Knee Pain Program that made its debut this week

Let me know what you think.


Eat These 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Pain Free Joints

by Rick Kaselj, MS creator of Fix My Knee Pain

Inflammation in the joints can limit mobility and be very painful.  When the
pain is severe, it can bring strength training or weightlifting to a screeching halt.  
Sometimes, occasional joint inflammation--such as the kind brought on by an
injury--can't be avoided.

There are however, steps you can take today to speed up the recovery process
should you injure yourself and more important, reduce the likelihood that you'll
suffer from other types of joint inflammation and pain.

One thing you can do is start incorporating these ten anti-inflammatory foods
into your diet. Let's take a look.

In the human body, a joint is the point at which two or more bones come together.
Us humans have about 230 of them. They have different ranges of mobility (from
no mobility, limited movement and full range of movement) and are classified by
type such as ball and socket, elbow, gliding, hinge, hip and saddle joints.

Joints can also be classified by structure, function, biomechanical properties
and more--it really gets very technical.

Regardless of the type or classification, joints wouldn't function very well if they
were just 'bone meeting bone,' because there would be too much friction. Just
like a ball bearing sealed with oil, to allow for ease of movement, human joints
have either cartilage or synovial fluid--or both--between the bones.  

Cartilage is a smooth connective tissue while synovial fluid is a yolk-like viscous
fluid that serves as a lubricant. Ligaments connect bone to bone and stabilize the joints.

There are two key points to this anatomy lesson:

1) joints are very complex; and
2) we have a lot of them in our bodies.

For the most part we don't give any thoughts to our joints unless we're having
problems with them.  And when we do have problems with them, it can be not
just painful, but downright debilitating.  Inflammation is the most commonly-cited
problem or difficulty with joints.

Inflammation in joints is swelling that is actually part of the body's self-protection
mechanism as it tries to remove harmful stimuli such as damaged cells or irritants.
And when joint inflammation occurs, it inhibits mobility and causes pain.

Sometimes joint inflammation can bring about severe pain that can last for days,
weeks or longer, sometimes becoming a chronic condition that lasts a lifetime.
In some cases, inflammation in the joints is the result of a sudden event like lifting
a weight improperly, tearing a ligament or a similar type injury. Recovery from
this type of joint inflammation can take anywhere from just a couple days up to
several months, depending on the nature and scope of the injury.

Other times, joint inflammation is not caused by a single event but rather, is a
condition that builds up over time, eventually reaching the point where it limits
mobility and results in intermittent--or sometimes constant--pain.

Your metabolism plays a central role in determining whether or not you develop
joint inflammation that occurs over time and how quickly it recovers from the type
that is brought on by a sudden injury.  And fortunately, scientists have discovered
that eating certain foods can boost the body's ability to fight joint inflammation.

Not surprisingly, these are foods that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals,
proteins, healthy fats or complex carbs--you won't see any processed foods,
artificial ingredients, saturated fats or trans fats on the list below.  In fact, many
highly processed, refined foods have been shown to actually decrease the body's
ability to fight inflammation.  Here is the list:

1.   Alaskan Salmon (wild is best)

2.    Fresh whole fruits, vegetables

3.    Bright multi-colored vegetables

4.    Green tea

5.    Olive oil

6.    Lean poultry

7.    Nuts, legumes and seeds

8.    Dark green leafy vegetables

9.    Old fashioned oatmeal

10.  Spices, especially Turmeric and Ginger

It's no coincidence that these are foods that help the body to build muscle and
maintain a healthy weight. Strong muscles help keep joints stable and a healthy
weight reduces pressure on joints, helping to minimize--or in some cases prevent--
joint inflammation. 

Eat these foods and while you might not completely eliminate joint inflammation,
you'll certainly increase your body's ability to fight joint inflammation and even
prevent it from occurring in the first place.

You can learn more about this in Component 2 of Fix My Knee Pain Here

In selecting foods from the list, be sure to choose so you get a well-rounded
variety of healthy, wholesome, unprocessed, inflammation-fighting foods in
your daily diet. And while I didn't put it on the list, you should also be sure
to drink plenty of water every day. This helps flush toxins from your body
and keeps your joints lubricated.

------end of article

If you have any kind of knee pain or soreness I want to urge you to grab a
copy of Fix My Knee Pain while it's being offered for less than the cost of
a co-pay..  Learn just one technique that gives you some relief and it pays
for itself...but you'll learn more than that.  

If you feel like you've been going in circles with the doctors and rehab places
and don't want to waste any more time or money on temporary solutions check
out Fix My Knee Pain right now.

Don't Get Bullied Into Expensive Apts, Medicines or Surgery <<< Click Here

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P.S. The fact that this on sale for so cheap is a bit insane.  The creator Rick
Kaselj, MS charges $150 an hour to meet with local clients. 

Go grab your copy for yourself, a friend or a loved one before they come to
their senses and start charging the hundreds of dollars it's worth.


Day 4 email:

Subject: Is Squatting Bad For Your Knees? (video)
Subject: To squat or not to squat (video)
Subject: King of all exercises really worth it? (video)
Subject:  You don’t know squat! (video)

Affiliate Link:  http://yourcbid.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=101   
Image url:  http://www.criticalbench.com/images/video-play.gif  

The squat has been crowned the king of all exercises by many strength and
conditioning coaches because it utilizes so many muscles and gives you an
incredible bang for your buck.

Some people don’t like the exercise because they never officially learned
how to do it correctly so that It strengthens your knees instead of putting
them in an unstable position.

Take a look at this quick 2-minute video to check yourself before you wreck

When Is Squatting Bad For Your Knees?  <<< Quick Video

 This Free Video Reveals:

  • Find out if you should or shouldn’t be squatting.
  • How deep should you squat?
  • Why doing half squats could be leading to imbalances.
  • 1 easy tweak you can make to instantly improve your form.
  • The best starting position to take pressure off the knees.

Check the video out.  You’ll like it and it should really help you out.

Sign off,
Your Name


Day 5 email:

Subject: #1 Tip For Fixing Your Knee Pain (Last Chance)
Subject:  Don’t keep your knee bent all day!
Subject:  Try this next time you watch a movie

Affiliate Link:  http://yourcbid.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=knee-injury  

#1 Best Tip For Alleviating Your Knee Pain

When you are not at the gym, you could actually be irritating your
knee and this could lead to more serious knee pain or injuries.

Look at what you are doing right now when it comes to your knee.

Are you sitting down with your knees bent?

Are your feet crossed?

Are your feet behind you and under your chair?

All of these positions put greater stress on the knee, leading to irritation
of the knee, which leads to knee pain.

The happiest position for your knee is when it is straight. As the knee
joint bends, greater stress gets put on the joints and ligaments in the knee.

Let me explain what goes on. As you bend your knee, your kneecap presses
against your knee, leading to anterior knee pain. If your knee is bent, you
increase the tension in the ligaments in the knee, like the ACL, which can
lead to ligamentous knee pain.

Lastly if you have internal knee pain, the greater the knee is bent, the more
it puts unnecessary stress inside the knee joint.

If you sit in this bent knee positing for hours, it will progressively make your
knee pain worse.

While you are sitting at your desk, on the couch, in a meeting, while
watching a movie, remember to keep your knees straight. This will
decrease the stress on your knees and help your knees become pain free.

If you’re going to a game or to the movies this weekend keep this tip in mind.

Also, if you are looking for an all-natural solution to completely fix your knee
soreness and pain, then check out Rick’s new Fix My Knee Pain Program

Eliminate Knee Soreness & Save 35% ç=link expires shortly



Day 6 email:

Subject:  Do You Lockout on the Leg Press?
Subject:  Do You Lockout the Weight?
Subject:  Don’t make this mistake on the Leg Press

Affiliate Link:  http://yourcbid.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=knee-injury  

The debate goes on when it comes to locking or unlocking your knees when
doing the leg press.

I would say do neither. What you need to do is keep your knees straight.
When you are doing the leg press, as you are moving the weight, your leg
muscles are doing all the work. When you come to the end of the exercise,
if you keep your leg straight, the work will be done by the muscles around your

If you continue and lock out your knees or even push your knees back, the
work shifts from the muscles around your knee to your knee joint actually
doing all the work. Your knee joint cannot handle the complete load and it
WILL get damaged.

What do straight knees look like for you? 

If you look at the deadlift exercise, when you return to the start, you contract
your gluteus and bringing your hips forward. This is the position where your
knees are straight.  If you look at them, they are straight but there still is a slight
bend in them.

There you go. Next time you hit the gym, find out what “straight knees” looks like
for you.  Then remember to stop before locking out next time you do the leg press
so you work your muscles and not the joint.

If you’re already done some damage to your knees and suffering from discomfort
you can spend a few minutes a day doing exercises from the new Fix My Knee
program to get back on track.

This is your final reminder that the introductory sale price which is discounted
by 35% goes up tonight at midnight.

Fix Your Knee Pain In Just Minutes a Day <<< Last Call

Sign Off


Day 7 email:

Subject:  5 “Little Known” Tips to Alleviate Knee Soreness in Minutes (link expires at midnight)
Subject:  Don’t get stiff
Subject:  5 “Unorthodox” Ways to End Knee Soreness (this ends tonight)
Subject:  More beneficial than stretching…

Affiliate Link:  http://yourcbid.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=knee-injury

I know if you have knee soreness, you have been told that exercise will help,
which it will but a lot of people just focus on strengthening and stretching for
their knee soreness which unfortunately, is not enough to do the trick.

Today I wanted to share 5 quick tips from injury specialist Rick Kaselj, MS
you can start using today in order to alleviate some of that soreness and
pain you may be experiencing.

Tip #1 - Strengthen the Full Range of Motion for the Knee

Look at strengthening the knee through the full range of motion from standing
up straight to putting your heels to your seat.

You want to build strength within the knee muscles so they are strong and
your knee is protected throughout the full movement of the knee. Doing this
will decrease the stress on the knee.

Tip #2 - Get Full Range of Motion for the Knee

Work on getting full movement back in your knee. This is moving your knee
from straight to heel to seat.

In your body, joints lubricate themselves with movement. If you do not have
movement in the joint or avoid certain movements in your joints, the joint will
end up getting stiff and that movement will not be smooth.

When we have lost a specific movement or are stiff in a movement, other
areas of the body have to pick up the load and this extra work will be okay
for a while but it will lead to other injuries such as pain in the foot, ankle,
hip, and back. Plus it will prohibit you from strengthening the knee as you will
not have a full range of motion.

A great exercise that I like to build full range of motion in the knee is the rowing
machine. I use this for clients that are recovering from a knee or hip replacement
surgery as it allows you to work on full ranges of motion in the knee under very
low load. 

Tip #3 - Improve Your Single Leg Balance

A lot of people focus on squatting when attempting to overcome knee pain
but what is more important is how your balance is on one leg.

We were not meant to sit still and do nothing. We were meant to walk, run
and chase. Looking at movement, it does not involved standing on both legs;
it involves standing on one leg. Therefore this is something we need to work.
I would suggest you working on your single leg balance. Stand on one leg
with your knee and hip slightly bent. Hold this position for 30 seconds and
make sure to keep your pelvis parallel to the floor and don’t let it tilt to the floor.

Tip #4 - Foam Roll Over Stretching

When it comes to knee pain, the common things recommended are strengthening
AND stretching. What I find is more beneficial than stretching for knee pain is
foam rolling.

When you roll over the muscle it helps improve circulation, which helps with
healing and recovery. It decreases the tension of the muscle because when we
are injured, the muscles around that injury tighten up in order to protect that joint.

We need to relax these muscles in order to decrease the tension that this protection
creates around the joint. All this leads to less knee soreness.
I would suggest that you foam roll out your quadriceps and IT band.

You roll from just above your knee to just below your hip joint. Do this 5 times.
Then after the foam rolling, I would go right in knee stretching.

Tip #5 - Improve Your Core

People with a weak core have a greater risk of getting knee pain and end up
putting unnecessary stress the knee.

In your workout, incorporation core stability work which leads to better control
of your upper body and decrease the stress on your knee, which helps with
knee soreness.

Doing front and side planks will help but also progressing to Olympic lifting exercises.
Add these 5 exercises to your program and it will help alleviate your knee soreness.

Bonus Tip

If you are looking for an all-natural solution to completely fix your knee soreness
and pain, then check out Rick’s new Fix My Knee Pain Program below. 

All without time consuming appointments, dangerous medications or going
under the knife.  Click Here




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