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September 27, 2022

Swiss Ball Reverse Hyperextensions
By Charles Staley

Swiss Ball Reverse Hyperextensions

The Reverse Hyperextension is a GREAT lower back and posterior chain exercise (the muscles that run along the back of the body). If you've got lower back issues, it can be very useful for deloading the spine and getting some traction on the area.

Typically, you need to have a bench designed for the exercise...and that's usually where the problem with this exercise starts...not many gyms have a Reverse Hyper bench!

I'm going to show you an alternate way to do it where all you need is a normal flat bench and a Swiss ball.

Swiss Ball Reverse Hyperextensions

Works VERY well.

So first, get a ball and set it on the end of a flat bench (right at the very end). Stand with your belly up against the ball.

Now roll forward on your stomach on top of the ball and grip on the sides of the bench. Lock yourself in nice and tight.

Now, keeping your legs fairly straight, raise them up behind you. The motion should come from your lower back. Hold for a few seconds then lower down slowly.

Remember to hold on tight as you do this exercise because you're balancing on a ball on a bench! Keep your arms bent and tight.

Swiss Ball Reverse Hyperextensions

The only hitch with this version is that your legs might still hit the ground at the bottom of the movement. You can avoid this by bending your legs as you come down, keeping your feet off the ground. It's a good thing to do because it's a valuable part of the exercise.

You can also, at the start of the exercise, start with the ball higher up on your body so your hips get elevated a bit more during the exercise.

Overall, this is an excellent way to work on the lower back - it's much more forgiving than regular extension because how it decompresses the spine at the bottom.

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