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Charles Staley Short Bio

Charles Staley creator of Escalated Density Training EDT His colleagues call him an iconoclast, a visionary, a rule-breaker. His clients call him "The Secret Weapon" for his ability to see what other coaches miss.

Charles calls himself a "geek" who struggled in Phys Ed throughout school. Whatever you call him, Charles' methods are ahead of their time and quickly produce serious results.

His counter-intuitive approach and self-effacing demeanor have led to appearances on NBC's The TODAY Show and The CBS Early Show.

Currently, Charles competes in Olympic-style weightlifting on the master's circuit, with a 3-year goal of qualifying for the 2009 Master's World Championships.


“One of the signs of a great teacher is the ability to make the subject matter seem simple. Charles Staley is one of these rare teachers. After listening and talking to him, you suddenly achieve a new awareness of training. You go to the gym and, suddenly, everything makes sense, and you wonder why you haven’t been doing it his way since day one.”

– Muscle Media 2000 magazine August, 1999


Chalres Staley EDT Training Staley Training Systems

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Staley's Escalated Density Training Video DVD Charles StaleyEscalated Density Training

A Complete Video Guide To Escalating Density Training - DVD and Online Videos

Your muscles will get bigger if you force them to work harder, not longer. That's the breathtakingly simple concept behind Charles Staley's Escalating Density Training (EDT) system. In this video series, you'll get an in-depth look at how to build the most muscle and strength from EDT...you'll learn what EDT is all about, but how to make it work best for YOU.

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The Ultimate Guide To Massive ArmsThe Ultimate Guide to Massive Arms - eBook

Are you tired of busting your butt in the gym and your arms still don't look like you even lift? If so, consider Coach Staley's unique EDT training method that has even hardened gym veterans amazed as they break out of their plateaus and experience new growth.

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