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October 7, 2022

Using Hot Peppers For Reducing Appetite
By David Grisaffi

Using Hot Peppers For Reducing Appetite

The active heat source in all hot peppers is the potent compound capsacin. It is also the active compound that makes pepper spray such an effective weapon. If you enjoy torturing your tongue you can try the jalapeno or habenero. Another case altogether is the Bhut Jolokia. It has been certified as the world's hottest pepper by the Guinness Book of World Records. Just in case oral torture is not your thing, there are the many-fold health benefits of the hot pepper to consider. Either way, hot peppers should be part of your healthy diet and lifestyle.

For many centuries people have used hot peppers as powerful medicinal aids. They are used to stimulate digestion, reduce appetite, increase circulation, pain relief, suppress the common cold, and to open clogged airways in the nose and lungs. That is not a bad set of benefits, but it is just the start. The health benefits continue on to include lowering cholesterol, reducing blood clotting and treating the symptoms of chronic fatigue, asthma, and infections.

Some of the most incredible benefits of hot peppers is for reducing appetite. The type of hot pepper may not matter, although some people claim that red (cayenne) peppers work the best. The capsacin is actually the relevant compound for reducing your appetite with hot peppers. Capsacin increases blood flow to the intestines and increases the muscular contractions of the intestinal walls (peristalsis). It also seems to block the sensory information from the intestine to the brain.

Using Hot Peppers For Reducing Appetite

Therefore, it blocks hunger signals from reaching your brain. You will not even know that you are hungry. Eating less will lead to weighing less. One other way that hot peppers help you lose weight is that they can speed up your metabolism. That is three of the big hitters in weight loss: low appetite, decreased calorie intake, and increased metabolism. All from one compound. It seems that capsacin can do many things.

There are probably one to two hundred different hot pepper diets on the web right now. There are a half of a dozen methods of delivering the capsacin into your body. They all are just different ways of doing the same thing. They promote the use of the capsacin in hot peppers for reducing appetite, relieving pain, or increasing circulation. This compound can help you lose weight, heal wounds through increased circulation, and make you feel better by relieving pain.

Using hot peppers for reducing appetite has been a well known herbal treatment in Asia for centuries. Different sources give varying information as to how it works. Some believe that the capsacin they contain blocks messages between the intestines and brain, others think that capsacin simply makes you feel full. Which ever is the cause, the benefits of hot peppers in weight loss are indisputable. The type of pepper is not extremely important, but cayenne, or red, peppers are the most commonly used. You have to be careful though. The usual side effects are burning and upset stomach. It is best if you start with low doses and increase them until you have reached the optimal amount for your health. Whether you want to use hot peppers for appetite suppression, metabolic increase, or weight loss their benefits have been proven over the centuries.

Now that you know how to help yourself by using a natural approach to suppressing your appetite you should now think about how good you would look like with a set of six pack abs.

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