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March 5, 2024

5 Diet Plan Saving Tips: Part 2
By James Jordan

5 Diet Plan Saving Tips

#6-Don't Put Yourself In Bad Positions For Cheating.

Remember when you were a kid your parents didn't like you to hang around with certain kids that were a bad influence in the neighbourhood? You know the kid that skipped school or was in trouble with the law? Well, even though you may have had the urge to be bad, you didn't want to get caught and suffer the consequences! So when your parents were around you stayed away from those trouble makers!

Effective dieting is no different! It is a lot easier to stick to your plan if you are not around bad influences! Think ahead and stay away from the candy aisle when grocery shopping. Stay away from the candy jar at work! Quit going to the bar where you know you are going to have to buy a beer or two! Save that visit to Granny's house until your cheat day when you can enjoy that piece of apple pie forced on you! Then indulge guilt free!

#7-Don't Fool Yourself By Thinking You Can
Just Have A Little Taste And That's It!

Once you have a little taste of that old favorite food it is much more difficult to quit than if you hadn't had any of the offending food at all! What you don't have you won't miss! On the other hand it is just too easy to slip into old patterns once you get started!

#8-Keep Yourself Busy Between Meals!

Hanging out around the kitchen thinking about sugar plums will only make your chances of cheating very high! I like to read about diet research and what has been shown to effectively work for gaining muscle and fat loss! Even if you are not a nerd like me, pick up a topic of your choice or a hobby to fill in the time productively between meals. Television is not recommended because of all the food advertisements.

#9- Stay Away From Excessive Drinking And Pot
(Grass, Weed, Mary Jane) Smoking.

This kind of behavior weakens will power. Many disciplined athletes have ruined a perfect eating day (and career) by having a few drinks, a joint and gorging on a late night submarine sandwiches.

5 Diet Plan Saving Tips

#10-Think Long Term Gain Not Short Term Pain!

Every time you are about to cheat remind yourself of the consequences! Essentially a cheat on your diet or a missed workout actually can put you further behind than what you were a couple of days ago. The excess calories you just ate negated all the hard work and discipline you practiced all day today and possibly yesterday as well! A cheat here and there makes you consistent with your current lifestyle which is why you look the way you do.

If you want to make changes you absolutely have to be consistent with new eating habits day in and day out! Whatever you are consistency will be reflected in your body appearance. (Note: we are not talking inflexibility, rigidity or blind insanity. If you are sick, take some time off to get well. If you stray one muffin, don't beat yourself up.) But make these times exceptions rather than norms.) When you have a craving think "long term consistency" instead of short term gratification! Then get your mind off food!

#11-Take It Step By Step By Thinking Moment To Moment.

The longest journey starts with a single step and body composition changes are no different!. It takes months and months of consistent effort to see results. To succeed what is required is a "slow but steady wins the race" attitude. Feel good about every meal you have completed to your plan and build on your momentum taking it step-by-step, moment-by-moment. You are far less likely to cheat this way as every moment is a step closer to your goal! Quit thinking how far away you are from reaching your goals but how far you have come!

#12-Do Not Shop Hungry.

Time your grocery store visits to right after you have finished eating. This way you are less likely to be motivated to purchase your foods by hunger rather than purpose.

#13-Eat Real Foods Instead Of Meal Replacement Shakes And Bars.

Though meal replacement bars and shakes are convenient; they are not very filling! Certainly a tiny protein bar or a liquid shake is not as fulfilling as a fillet of fish, some beef jerky and vegetables or a bowl of chilli! Chances of cheating on your meal plan increase when you start relying too heavily on meal replacement shakes and bars!

Stick to one or a maximum of two shakes per day. Eat veggies with your meal replacement shake and stick to only the highest of quality shakes. The only product I would recommend would be Shawn Phillips full strength at http://www.fullstrength.com

#14-Take A Good Multi-Vitamin.

Taking a good multi vitamin throughout the day may reduce cravings caused by imbalances of l-dopamine and serotonin due to calorie restriction. Split your daily dosage into three servings. Take one serving with your breakfast, one at dinner and one with your last meal of the day. This ensures the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body requires are present at all times.

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