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Critical Bench Author James Jordan
Muscle Mass Expert & Bodybuilder

James Jordan Short Bio

Bodybuilding Author James Jordan James Jordan is the Author Of The Best Selling Bodybuilding Course "Underground Mass Secrets To shock Your Body Into An Explosive Growth Spurt!" James has helped over 36,300 skinny guys build muscle and himself has put on over 100 pounds of quality Lean muscle.

He has written fitness programs for Gold's Gym and competed in amateur bodybuilding and Olympic level martial arts. For 51 "Underground" muscle building tips you can go to his muscle building site.


bodybuilder james jordan author of Underground Mass Secrets

Articles Written by James Jordan for CriticalBench.com

Diet Plan Saving Tips: Part 2
Diet Plan Saving Tips: Part 1
How To Gain Weight - Fast!
Gain Weight Fast With These Powerful Tips!

James Jordan's Underground Mass Secrets

Underground Mass Secrets “Who Else Wants To Know How A Genetically Pathetic Hard Gainer Gained 55 Pounds Of Lean Muscle Mass,Steroid Free, Working Out NO MORE THAN 60 Minutes Per Week At The Gym!”

It's incredibly simple when you find the secrets... how to maximize gains by eating properly (without spending any time calculating complex food ratios)...

and how to shock your body into a killer muscle building growth spurt, so easily and simply it's almost “un-believable”.



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