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Defining Your Workout Goals
By John Barban

Defining Your Workout Goals

Everyone goes to gym these days. Gym has become part of daily life style. People want to look and feel better. The gym provides a means for this to happen. However, most people do not have a defined workout goal. Almost, everyone has an idea in their mind about how they want to look. However, this does not necessarily translate into a workout goal. The problem with going to gym without a goal is that the results will not be forthcoming. Without a goal, the workouts will be directionless and the body will be going through motions.

Any workout can be classified among cardio, weight lifting, power lifting and plyometric techniques. Most of the workouts are a combination of the above classifications. Each of above type of workout serves specific purposes, and transforms the body in a way, which may not be the result you were hoping for.

Weightlifting technique is used by body builders for creating muscle mass. Weightlifting transforms the body and makes it bigger. However, the bigger is not always the better. The big people are slow to react and normally are very bad runners. Their cardiovascular capacities are not spectacular and they often look out of place in normal situations. The big people do not always attract women.

The big people do not always attract women

Power lifting technique is used by Olympic lifters. It will make a person incredibly strong but it turns the body into undesirable shapes. Most of you would have seen how odd an Olympic lifter looks like. Their bodies are huge but it is not something every common-gym-going wants.

Cardio techniques are rudimentary to any athletes but are extensively used by runners. Most of the runners, who only does the cardio part, focus on long distance running. Although their cardiovascular fitness is off the charts, they look slender and thin. Their muscle strength is minimal due to the lack of weight lifting.

These techniques serve specific purpose in an athlete's career. However, they do not individually fit well in a common person's fitness quest. The best approach is a combination of these techniques that will take the best part in each of these techniques and deliver an optimized result and a body of your dream. Before designing this workout, a specific goal is required. The body cannot achieve what the mind cannot perceive.



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