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Pete Hyc Owner of IllPumpYouUp.com I'm originally from Chicago IL and I lived there for 18 years. I went to high school at Maine East and started weight training during my junior and senior year. After I graduated from high school I moved out to Treasure Island FL with my family. Shortly after that I started college at Florida Southern College, where I continued to weight train. During my years in college I really started to experiment with different bodybuilding supplements and training techniques. I graduated with a with a bachelors degree in computer science with minors in business and mathematics.

A year out of college I was able to combine two things I loved; website design and bodybuilding. I created a website IllPumpYouUp.com, where I sell over 1500 different types of bodybuilding and weight loss supplements. The site originally started out of my room and slowly grew to where we are now; in a warehouse in Largo, FL.

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