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May 18, 2024
"Incredible, new weight lifting DVD, 242 RAW reveals…
"How Jeremy Hoornstra Trained To Bench Press 605 Pounds RAW Breaking a 29-Year Old World Record!"
WARNING: Don't Even Think About Peforming Another Workout Until You Let Jeremy Hoornstra Motivate You With His Insane Weight Training Footage.

242 RAW - Jeremy Hoornstra DVD
This Is Sick! Tshirt and Shorts, No Belt, and a Dinky Set of Wrist Wraps!

After competing in various bodybuilding competitions, Jeremy turned to powerlifting while attending Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. After one year of entering the sport, he broke three national records and broke a world record in benchpress at the age of 24. Competing in the 242 lb. weight class, Jeremy broke Mike MacDonald's longstanding Raw Benchpress record of 29 years with a 605 lb. benchpress at the New England Record Breakers Competition in Boston and increased that record to 615 lbs. at the 2006 Mr. Olympia Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as an unsanctioned 635 at the Arnold Pro Classic in the AnimalCage. Jeremy has gym lifts over 700 lbs. including a 715 raw benchpress and is planning on hitting this mark in a competition this year.

242 RAW DVD - Jeremy Hoornstra's DVD Includes The Following Feats Of Strength!


  • Flat Bench (raw) 675 x 1, 585 x 4, 495 x 10, 405 x 22

  • Incline Bench (raw) 605 x 1

  • Nosebreakers (benchpress bar) 315 x 4

  • Seated Front Raises 105's x 6

  • Standing Laterals 115's x 4

  • Military Press (behind head) 405 x 5, 455 x 3

  • Dumbbell Military Presses 100's x 50

  • Hangcleans with press 315 x 8

  • Bent-over rows 495 x 5, 545 x 5

The DVD will feature training leading up to the NERB, the Mr. Olympia - King of the Bench Competition, and the Arnold Pro Classic AnimalCage as well as competition footage from each. There is also an extreme cardio section (secret) guaranteed to motivate anyone.

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Hoornstra Benches 615 RAW at the Olympia!
See The Training That Led To This Competition Lift In 242 RAW the DVD!


242 RAW Starring Jeremy Hoornstra DVDJeremy Hoornstra is one of the top 3 Strongest RAW Bench Pressers Of All Time. Watch out this man has already broken the 242 Pound World Record Bench Press, but he's getting freakin close to beating the All Time World Record currently held by heavy weight Scot Mendelson with a 715 Pound Bench. Keep an eye on this man, he's going to be around for a long time and everybody is going to love this DVD whether you compete or just want to get psyched up and see what the human body is capable of.

We did have the pleasure of meeing Jeremy at the APA Nationals where he volunteered to load and spot all day. Imagine that, asking one of the world's strongest dudes to spot and load all day. Jeremy didn't mind though and always likes to help out....maybe that explains why he's a fire fighter. Buy the DVD, it's something you can watch over and over and over.


242 RAW Super Bench Press DVD

Amazing Feats of Strength! Increase Your Own Bench Press

Get Motivated With Hoornstra's Underground Punishing Workouts
Like Nothing You've Seen Before! A Must Buy For Any Serious Iron Addict.

Improve Your bench press workout routine program

242 RAW the DVD
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