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May 18, 2024
Jeremy Hoornstra's 242 RAW DVD - The Review
By Steve Buccilli aka 1400total

I have reviewed literally 100ís of dvds. All of them have been of the bodybuilding variety, from personal workout dvdís to contest coverage and in between. Since I have recently switched over to powerlifting, I have thought I would start a smaller collection of dvdís specializing in this challenging sport.

I have viewed some of the Westside tapes, and have found them to be ok, very interesting but not that motivational.

I recently purchased 242 RAW, from www.criticalbench.com. Now let me first take a moment to say that the folks over at critical bench show excellent customer service, and will handle any problem quickly and deliver the goods as promised.

242 RAW features the training of Jeremy Hoornstra, a truly incredible powerlifter. Most of the footage is in the gym, with a few scenes from competitions like the NERB, The Olympia (Kings of the Bench) and the Arnold classic, along with some training for his appearance in the Animal Cage at the Arnold.

Watching Jeremy Bench 615 raw, (with only a pair of insufficient wrist wraps) at a bodyweight of 242 is awe inspiring. But itís the real gym footage that is mind boggling to watch.

I will run down a few lifts for your astonishment. Try benches with 405 for sets of 20! Or how about seated dumbbell presses with 100lbs dumbbells for 50 reps (thatís right 50 reps!). 495lbs bent rows, 405 behind the neck presses, 650lbs deadlifts, 100lbs dumbbell front raises. One of my favorite scenes is when Jeremy and his friends go outside to do sets of SUV pushing. Yeah thatís right, pushing an SUV about 50 yards or so on a slight incline! Makes walking lunges look like a sissy workout!

Hoornstra 242 RAW DVD Review

I have seen some hardcore training in my life, and I would like to think I have done some of it myself, but I have never seen anything like this before. Jeremy is a true freak of nature and this dvd is not to be missed. And oh by the way, he aint fat! Keep in mind Jeremy also competes in bodybuilding occasionally.

So if your looking for an instructional dvd that tells you how to look pretty go somewhere else, but if your looking for the most hardcore workouts ever documented on video, you need to get this dvd!

I usually rate dvdís out of 5 stars, this one gets 6!

242 RAW DVD With Jeremy Hoornstra
Includes The Following Feats Of Strength!

242 RAW DVD COVER - Jeremy Hoornstra Bench Press

  • Flat Bench (raw) 675 x 1, 585 x 4, 495 x 10, 405 x 22

  • Incline Bench (raw) 605 x 1

  • Nosebreakers (benchpress bar) 315 x 4

  • Seated Front Raises 105's x 6

  • Standing Laterals 115's x 4

  • Military Press (behind head) 405 x 5, 455 x 3

  • Dumbbell Military Presses 100's x 50

  • Hangcleans with press 315 x 8

  • Bent-over rows 495 x 5, 545 x 5

More Information: 242 RAW - Bench DVD


Hoornstra 242 RAW DVD Review
Photos compliments and copyright protected by Hardcore Powerlifting LLC


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