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October 7, 2022

Why You Have Been Lied To & Who Is Responsible
by Elliott Hulse

Why You Have Been Lied To & Who Is Responsible

Hi - That guy with the big cheesy smile, that’s me- Elliott Hulse. I’m wearing a smile but the truth is that I am pretty upset.

The reason why I am upset is because as a Strength, Fitness & Success Coach - I have an “insiders” perspective as to what is going on the health and fitness industry. I have first hand knowledge of the TRUTH about coaching (not helping, people help themselves - I coach!) people to develop extraordinary strength, fitness, vitality and a life they can be proud of.

In my blog, and more specifically within my information products I reveal to you the secrets and step by step guidelines for achieving maximum health and success. So, instead of boring you with all of the details here - I am going to show you the reasons WHY you have been lied to and WHO is responsible for feeding you all of these vicious LIES.

#1. Why “Fitness Gyms” Suck - And How They Fool You With “False Fitness”.

If you are the typical American, you’ve seen em’ - They are fluffed up with expensive chrome “exercise” equipment and wall to wall carpeting. They have the AC on so cold that the only way to break a sweat is to train in an Eskimo’s Parka Jacket. They are teaming with ravenous, pencil-necked personal trainers seeking to sink their teeth into your wallets and suck you dry of money and hope. I am talking about the Wal-Mart sized “Fitness Factories” that have been littering the American landscape since Arnold released Pumping Iron in the late 70’s. - I am talking about Fitness Gyms!

Let me ask you a question… how many times have you traveled to the “gym” only to find that you must circle the parking lot 7 times to find a space close enough to the entrance so that you wouldn’t have to walk? THEN you get your ass on a treadmill and walk for hours on end while staring at Judge Judy on the television (or what I call the idiot box)?

Why You Have Been Lied To & Who Is Responsible

You see, the owners of these phony fitness factories are NOT interested in getting you fit. They know that most Americans are LAZY and are completely unfamiliar with the actual hard work that getting fit entails. So, they provide you with a foofy and fun atmosphere jam packed with tons of shiny new fitness gadgets to give you the false sense that you are going to get results - this is their biggest LIE!

I will show you how to achieve maximum health, strength and vitality the REAL way (like REAL men and athletes). My mission is to uncover all of the BS and the warm, fuzzy garbage that has had you trapped inside the same soft and flabby body that you’ve acquired since “WE” got pregnant - over 22 years ago!

#2. How “Health Foods” Are Nothing More Than Trash In A Green Box.

Monkey Shit, Cocaine, Toe Nails and Top Soil are ALL NATURAL - but that doesnt mean that you should eat it! Most people don’t understand that the processed food manufacturers are the second most powerful industry in this nation second to the drug pushers, and that they are both sleeping in the same bed.

Here is what I mean. The sicker and sadder that you are, the more drugs you’ ll need to buy and energy drinks you’ll need to consume. So, if I were the owner of a multi-billion dollar Pharmaceuticals company it would be in my best interest to keep you SICK and DEPENDANT on my products… correct?

Since most Americans receive their education from the TV, I’d be sure to use it as a way to steer you down the road to dysfunction as fast as possible. The processed food manufacturers have always found a way to convince Americans to eat their man made shit by using crafty and innovative marketing techniques. They use TV commercials to “educate” you about the benefits of removing REAL all-natural foods from your diet (such as red meat and whole milk) and replace them with processed foods positioned as healthy.

Let me ask you a question… do you think God screwed up when he made Whole Milk? Perhaps we’ve fixed his mistake with Skim Milk - hmm? Or maybe He intended for us to eat processed grains (like cereals) and fake fats (like “all natural spreads”) - and that the reason why our colons are suddenly all packed with putrid and festering feces and why many ‘Bad Breath Americans’ only move their bowls 2-3 times per week instead of daily is because of genetics or some other mystifying mistake that only medical doctors (the drug pushers) can decipher?

I will show you how REAL men were meant to eat. What foods contribute to your strength and vitality NOT your proctologists Mercedes Benz Fund.

#3. Why Most Young Athletes (and young Americans in general)
Are Weak, Sick And Slow.

Why You Have Been Lied To & Who Is Responsible Many so-called experts will tell you that a strong disposition and healthy lifestyle habits begins at a young age. I say that they are full of shit and that the process for creating super strong, smart, disease resistant and athletic children begins BEFORE he or she is born!

Parents who expect their chubby, lazy little Love Muffins to adopt a healthy diet and exercise when they themselves are sick, sad and stupid are OUT OF THEIR MINDS!!! They have a better chance at getting their dog to speak Cantonese than forcing their kids to give up soda pop and Playstation for the rigors of labor and unsweetened ground foods.

Also, it is my conviction that “the plant can only be as strong as the seed and the soil”.

I will not only show you how to rear and cultivate spry young athletes but I will show you how to take REAL responsibility for the results that your athletes receive. The ball is in OUR court… not our doctors, not the school, not his/her coach - OURS!

Anyway, I am done with my mad ranting (you’ll get to hear a ton more of it as you join me and check out some of my products)

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