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October 7, 2022

Should You Be Using Name Tags In YOUR Business?
by Brian Cannone

Should You Be Using Name Tags In YOUR Business?

Name tags are a very controversial subject.

Some people swear by them and say they're incredibly important to keeping great relationships between the staff and your health club members while other people say the staff hate them which makes them resent working at your club, which leads to even bigger problems.

In the next few minutes I'm going to show both sides of the coin and tell you how to figure out whether or not they'd be a good thing to have for YOUR business - because we all know - every health club is run just a little differently and therefore there is no "template" for everybody.

Here are the good and the bad things about name tags that you need to know.

First, by having a name tag on your staff, the members might feel a little more comfortable with them. Have you ever felt awkward around a person whose name you didn't know? That's how your members might feel about your staff.

On the other side of this, having name tags might also make your staff feel like they're on display. It might make them feel like the members are going to be able to "tell on them" for every little thing they do - whether or not that's really true.

Should You Be Using Name Tags In YOUR Business?

Name tags might also make your uniforms look a little cheap. Although they were used very frequently in the past, not as many business use name tags anymore and one of the reasons why might be because they interrupt the flow of the uniforms and don't make them look as professional.

They also might be uncomfortable for your staff to wear. Depending on the type of nametag (some are stickers, some can clip onto the shirt with a pin, etc.), since being a health club trainer is a very active job which requires your staff to be moving around a lot, having a nametag might get in the way and make them lose focus when they should be focusing on something else - like checking the form of the client.

My suggestion is this - instead of using a name tag, which your staff probably will hate anyway, why not create some kind of "game" your staff plays with a new member so they remember their name more quickly?

The main reason for wearing a name tag is to create a relationship quickly between the staff and the member, so if you can think of a great way to strengthen that relationship as fast as possible, a nametag might not be necessary.

In the end, every business is different and you have to compare your business and weigh the negatives and positives of name tags to see what would be best for your business. However you always need to keep in your mind that you want to build the staff/member relationship as fast as possible - so whatever way you choose to do that is probably the best thing you can do!


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