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May 18, 2024

Include This Upper Body Exercise in All of Your Workouts
By Jonas Forsberg

Include This Upper Body Exercise in All of Your Workouts

When reading the headline, you were having your own answer to the question and no; it does not involve machines, barbells or dumbbells.

Bodyweight exercises such as different versions of pushups, squats and inverted rows should be implemented into every workout program, but there is one exercise missing that I am going to focus on today - The Pullup

I really cannot stop pushing for this exercise. This is exercise is really what have been the difference for my clients and me.

I have played soccer for about my whole life and the mainstream bodyweight exercises are always pushups and situps. Today I know that pushups really are awesome, but they should be performed with either a row type of exercise or a pullup/chin-up.

Pullups are at the beginning very challenging and do not be surprised if you no matter how many heavy pull-downs you are able to perform, you still may not be able to perform one single pullup in the beginning. However, it is critical that you keep on going until you can add pull-ups to your regular workout schedule.

What the pullup will do for you is give you a pair of bigger arms, V-shaped back, and wider shoulders, which lead to the fact even if you do not have a six-pack; your waistline will look thinner than before.

I do not know about you, but I feel that is a pretty good deal? To be able to improve and add more repetitions to your pullup, follow these guidelines:

Include This Upper Body Exercise in All of Your Workouts

Guideline 1

Get help from a buddy in the beginning by letting him help you up, and then lower yourself slowly without his help. The other option is to take a resistance band and tie it around the bar and put one of your legs in to the band in order to get assistance.

Guideline 2

When able to perform them yourself, always focus on outperforming your previous workout. Meaning, if you are able to do total of 5 rep, make sure to get at least 6 reps the next session.

Guideline 3

If you are able to work yourself up to 10 reps without help and want to get ever stronger and more muscular, add some weight to the exercise. You can either use a resist vest, a backpack filled with heavy stuff, or something similar to that.

Aim to perform pull-ups up to 3 times a week. There really is no need to perform them every single day since they require recovery in order for you to be able to outperform the previous workout! And remember, when it comes to exercise - the more is NOT always the better.

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