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September 27, 2022

Training with Russian Kettlebells, Thick Ropes and Sleds!
By Zach Even-Esh

Training with Russian Kettlebells, Thick Ropes and Sleds!

Sometimes I feel like sleds, ropes and kettlebells are the ultimate lethal weapon for athletes, fitness fanatics and strength freaks.

You can use them all at once as you see in the video below, working on power pressing and power rowing.

The thick ropes allow you to improve hand and grip strength, the sleds improve lower body strength and overall stamina and the kettlebells are the ultimate ďAll in 1 GymĒ

Check out the Video below of my training partner and I going through some playground workouts using the sled, ropes and kettlebells.

If you donít have a sled, you can simply make one with a tire as I show you in The Underground Strength System.

Try cranking out 6 power presses, followed by 6 power rows followed by 100í of dragging forwards and another 100í of dragging the sled or tire backwards.

I would throw that sled workout in at the end of your workout, AFTER you have pushed hard on the strength drills. Three rounds of the above sled circuit will definitely have you feeling your oats if you know what I mean.

Training with Russian Kettlebells, Thick Ropes and Sleds!


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