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July 20, 2024
TK Knee Bands - Tommy Kono Knee Bands

TK Knee Bands TK Knee Bands

Looking for Tommy Kono knee wraps? You need Tommy Kono T.K. Knee Bands! What are T.K. Knee Bands? Tommy Kono knee bands are for leg squatting and olypmic training. These knee bands created by Olympic and World Champion Tommy Kono, is the affirmative answer to protecting your knees while do leg squats or powerlifting exercises!

The Tommy Kono T. K. Knee Bands are specially developed knee bands which are not your typical knee sleeves, knee supporters or knee braces. When you wear the T. K. Knee Band, you know you have something that will protect your knees from injuries. After you have used T. K. Knee Bands in your training and remove them, your knees will feel as if they are well lubricated and feel like new. Your knees will actually be sweating. T. K. Knee Bands gives great support by providing stability and warmth. T. K. Knee bands prevent injuries and promotes improved circulation.

Read Olympic and World Champion Tommy Kono's story!

Because of T. K. Knee Bands special elastic quality, the Regular size will accommodate knees of athletes that weigh 130 lb. to 250 lb. Large size is recommended for those weighing over 250 lb. or for those who have exceptionally large knees.

Common Sense - What is the worst setback you can have in weightlifting or, for that matter, in any sport? Injuries, correct? And what kinds of injuries are the most prevalent? In most cases it is a knee injury that besets a large number of athletes.

Take the legs out of action and you have no real strength. Weak legs usually mean weak quad (thigh) muscles. The thigh muscles gather together to become tendons by the knees. The knees then become the important joint so critical for stability and strength in all the body movements.

Tommy Kono Knee Bands Tommy Kono learned from experience a long time ago that for an Olympic weightlifter, the knees are the most important joints to keep healthy. With full flexing of the knee joints, it is imperative that they are strong, stable and conditioned to stay that way.

The T. K. Knee Bands were created for the purpose of giving support, stability and warmth to the knees. It should be worn anytime the knees are vigorously used. You will gain confidence in the knowledge that you are taking precaution in protecting this vulnerable, most important joint.

Do not wait until you have injured your knee to wear the T. K. Knee Bands. If you have only one bad knee, you should still wear them on both knees. This is the reason a pair is in each package and not sold individually.

The original T. K. Knee Bands were made in 1964. With modern 21st century technologies added, the best quality of materials are used in making the T. K. Knee Bands.

Once you wear the T. K. Knee Bands, you will not want to exercise your legs without them. If you are into weightlifting, you will feel more confident with them on.

The purchase of the T. K. Knee Bands could very well be the wisest investment you ever made in quality wear for your training.

TK Knee Bands TK Knee Bands (Small & Regular) Tommy Kono Knee Band Supports Price: $39.95

TK Knee Bands (SMALL & REGULAR) Tommy Kono Knee Band Supports Small fits up to 130 lbs body weight (sold in sets of 2) Regular Size fits 130-250 lb Body Weight (sold in sets of 2) These are very nice knee supports for ANY leg workout!

TK Knee Bands (LARGE) Tommy Kono Knee Band Supports Price: $42.95

TK Knee Bands (LARGE) Tommy Kono Knee Band Supports LARGE Size fits 251 lb and over Body Weight (sold in sets of 2) These are very nice knee supports for ANY leg workout!


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