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8 Tips To Gain Weight
By Joey Vaillancourt

8 Tips To Gain Weight

Gaining weight is the biggest problem for almost all the skinny people. It is not that they do not want to gain weight. The problem is that they do not know the right way to accelerate the weight gain. Skinny people are normally blessed with a great metabolism, which helpsthem to digest anything they eat. As a result, they do not gain much poundage. The fact is that a great metabolism is not necessarily a blessing. For people who want to gain weight, this is more like a curse. Weight gaining is a big industry in itself. Skinny people try various things but normally do not have much success. The following tips will help in gaining considerable amount of weight in a short time period.

1) Sacrifice the supplements

The supplement industry is one of the most profitable industries in the fitness world. There are more supplements available on the market than we can count. Most of these supplements promise results and only some of them work. You do not have to take a ton of supplements in order to gain weight. If you are looking to gain weight, the only supplement you will ever require is the protein powder. Other supplements are advertized handsomely but do not serve the purpose of weight gains. Most of these supplements will help in gaining water weight, but it is important to gain muscle in order to gain long lasting weight.

2)Eating is a priority

Eating should never an afterthought. If you looking to make progress in gaining weight, food must be made a priority. It is important to eat lot and eat often. The human body is like a machine. It needs to be feed periodically to stop it from burning the body muscle. By eating a lot, the body will have sufficient calories to burn. By eating often, the body will have excess calories that translate directly in muscle and body weight. The recommended duration between meals is three to four hours.

the body will have sufficient calories

3) Bolster the body using Buffet

The biggest problem for skinny people is their lack of appetite. The human body is amazing and can be trained to our needs. In order to increase the food appetite, it is important to increase the food intake. The best time to eat is right after a workout. With the food prices that exist in the market nowadays, buffet is a blessing in disguise for the skinny people. Buffet is the best way to pack extra calories required for gaining weight. It is important to progressively increase your food intake. You need to start by eating once a week at a buffet. Depending on your appetite, you can increase this frequency, every month. It is important to overload the body to train it to accept more food.

4) Save energy for the workout

The skinny people are normally active outside of the gym. Once they hit the gym, they lose their energy quickly due to the fact that they have spent most of their energy outside of the gym. If you are looking to gain weight, it is important to limit the cardio activities. With lesser cardio, the energy spent outside of the gym decreases and helps you to focus and redirect the resident energy to the actual workout inside of the gym.

5) Concentrate on Calories Surplus

In order to gain weight, it is important to increase the calorie intake. Calories surplus is a state where the body has more calories than it needs to spend. The excess calories are then stored in the body in the form of fat and muscles and this increases the overall body weight. Unless there is a calorie surplus, there is zero chance of gaining weight. Therefore, it again comes to making eating as a priority. Unless you eat, the body will not respond to changes required.

6) Reduce the training time

The best part of training while trying to gain weight is that the training can be kept to a shorter duration. For effective weight gains, the recommended training period per day is less than one hour. This one hour provides the necessary time to release growth hormones while restraining the body from spending excess amount of energy. It is important to focus completely during the training time. Due to the shortened length of training, it is easier to focus. Although the train time has been reduced, it is important to monitor your progression in the training. Unless you increase the amount of weight that you lift, the muscle will not grow fast and the body will not gain any significant weight. If you are looking to gain weight, it is advisable to reduce the number of repetition per exercise.

reduce the number of repetition per exercise

7) Avoid plateaus

The greatest challenge that anyone faces in the fitness world is the emergence of plateaus. Like I mentioned before, the human body is an amazingly trainable structure. However, due to excessive training and changes, there comes a time, when the body just does not care anymore. If the same type of work out is repeated for a long time, the body does not respond well. This condition is called as plateau. For significant weight gains, it is critical to avoid or break through plateaus. This is achieved by varying the workout, either by varying the number of repetitions or by varying the weight being lifted. By constantly challenging the body, you can keep the body guessing and control its growth.

8) Mass Gainer is a must

Like I said before, the only supplement you will ever need for a weight gain is the protein power. They are commonly known as "mass gainer" in the supplements industry. They are your best friend if you are looking to gain weight quicker. They fill you with calories and protein and help to build sizeable muscle mass which translates to weight gains. These mass gainers are usually rich in carbohydrates, which is essential for gaining weight. The mass gainers are normally in taken as protein shakes. Depending on your current weight, the mass gainer can be taken as a replacement for a meal or as a supplement to a meal.

The path to gaining weight requires dedication and change in life style. For some people, it is not easy to gain even a single pound of weight. The trick is to never stop trying. Nevertheless, you can utilize the above said tips to rapidly accelerate your weight gains.



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