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June 8, 2023

Strongman vs. Power Cleans For Football - Part 3 of 3
How to Integrate Strongman In To Your Training

by Elliott Hulse

Strongman vs. Power Cleans For Football - Part 3

At this point we have discovered how strongman training can be a viable substitute for Olympic Weightlifting to develop brutally strong football players that not only display explosive physical capacities but an explosive attitude as well.

If you are anything like me, you've become excited at the prospect of training your athletes with the fun and highly effective exercises, like tractor tire flipping or stone loading, discussed in the second part of this series. But you also have questions… you are wondering, "How exactly do I integrate this stuff into my already established strength and conditioning routine?"

There are a few different ways that I like to integrate Strongman Training into my athletes programs. Below I will outline each and give you a few sample workouts to use.

Strongman Conditioning

When coaching young (ages 9-13) athletes or very weak and de-conditioned clients I like to use several strongman exercises as "conditioners" -Basically, as a means for building functional capacity, strength and fitness.

Because strongman exercises are done with the WHOLE BODY, they serve well for muscular, neurological and cardiovascular conditioning… these exact physical capacities that most young punks are lacking.

Sample "Strongman Conditioning" Circuits

1. Light Tire Flips x 5-10 reps
2. Keg Carries x 20-60 yards
3. Sledge Hammer Slams x 10 right / 10 left
4. Repeat 3-6 times

1. Light Sand Bag Loading x 10 reps
2. Light Farmers Carries x 20-60 yards
3. Backwards Sled Drags x 20-100 yards
4. Repeat 3-6 times

1. Light Keg Clean & Press x 5-10
2. Light Sand Bag Carries x 20-100 yards
3. Small Car or Prowler Push x 20-100 yards
4. Repeat 3-6 times

Strongman Power Development

With older, stronger and more experienced athletes I will often substitute max effort lower body lifts with "Strongman Power" exercises to build a more explosive athlete with ATTITUDE! These would be performed at the beginning of a workout followed by bodybuilding.

Sample "Strongman Power" Workouts

1. Heavy Tire Flips 5 x 5
2. Walking Lunges 40 yards x 3
3. Reverse Hyper 3 x 10
4. Barbell Russian Twist 3 x 20
5. Timed Hangs 1 x as long as possible

1. Heavy Sand Bag Loading (150-200 lbs) 5 x 3-5
2. Barbell Step Ups 3 x 12
3. Forward Upright Sled Drags 20-100 yards x 3
4. Hanging Knee Raise 3 x 15
5. Plate Pinch For Time 1 x as long as possible

Exercise Substitutions

Some strongman exercises are great substitutions for bodybuilding exercises the train the same muscles. For example farmers carries are a great exercise substitute for shrugs and grip work. In fact, I feel like Famer's Carries are one of the best all around exercises for developing overall strength and conditioning.

Sample Exercise Substitutions

1. Shrugs & Grip Work > Famer's Carries
2. Dead Lifts > Tire Flips
3. Front Squats > Sand Bag Loading
4. Barbell Clean & Press > Keg Clean & Press
5. Abdominals > Yoke Walk
6. Seated Rows > Hand Over Hand Rope Pull
7. Straight Leg Dead Lifts > Keg carries
8. Upper Back & Biceps > Keg Carries
9. Hamstring & Glutes > Forward Sled Drags
10. Quads > Backwards Sled Drags

Strongman vs. Power Cleans For Football - Part 3


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