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June 8, 2023

Strongman Training
by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com

Strongman Video Training Course

In the old days of strongman, the competitions relied on one rep brute strength. The media was getting bored and strongman shifted directions. So, today strongman competitions have an endurance factor to them. Unlike powerlifting, where it's HIT or MISS, in strongman competitions the events can last for minutes and perhaps hours. Strongman is a test of strength, ATTITUDE, WILL, endurance and mobility with heavy objects. It's a contest about testing a lifters soul and seeing what makes them say "I QUIT"! Entering a strongman contest is grueling no matter what level of a lifter you are. In strongman you could be pulling trucks, airplanes, dragging 300lbs sleds through grass, and gripping onto weights until the body collapses.

In an amateur strongman contest if you're one of the strongest, you will have to perform the events the fastest. If you are a rookie, just completing the events can be very challenging. However, the pride the sport gives you will last a lifetime. I will never forget the strongman contest that I entered. I was pulling trucks, pressing heavy 1-arm dumbbells over my head, putting kegs into trucks to name a few events. The day was quite grueling, but I feel that no matter how you do, you're a winner just for participating. The contest really shows what one is made of! So, heart is one thing, but if you want to win, you should train like a strongman. Here is a routine for strongman training:

Strongman Training Routine:


Max effort legs/deadlift- Box squats- High bar squats- front squats, or zercher squats- partial deads, regular deads, or a variation of good mornings- Sled pulling.


Max effort shoulders- Overhead press with chains or bands-Strict press-Behind the neck press- standing dumbbell press, with a bust ass all out rep set! Then choose between Inclines, close grip bench w/bands or chains, skull crushers.


DE squats/deadlifts.... box speed squats, power cleans with fat bar, high pulls, shrugs, rows, pulldowns, curls, abs


Train the events-farmers walk, tire flip, sled pulls, and some grip...

strongman training

Different strongman competitions have different events. Also if you are interested in strongman then please check out the USWA games. They have unique events like the 2-man deadlift and odd lifts. The bottom line is: There is nothing pretty about the power athlete, it is just a battle of pain and heavy weights, but the feeling of accomplishing scary feats is amazing.


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