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January 29, 2023

Strong In One Lift But Weaker In The Other
By Eric Talmant for CriticalBench.com

Strong In One Lift But Weaker In The Other

Question: Regarding your bench,I know how you feel (planets perfectly aligned to hit your 290 some time ago). I'm in a similar predicament. Recently squatted an easy 518 with about 15lbs to spare yet cannot pause bench 275 (at least not the first 3 tries :unsure: ). My pull is around 660 at 198....WTF!!!

You think this is just part and parcel of our leverages or a missing training component? I am the sterotypical deadlift build but I can't fathom out how I can be so strong in one lift and so weak in another?

Strong In One Lift But Weaker In The Other

I will be totally candid with you: I just don't know. As much research that I have done, and as many lifters as I have worked with and communicated with, I still don't have all the answers. Of course our leverages (our builds) have a great deal to do with it; but what one man can do another can do, right? Keep trying new things.

For me, we have pretty much exhausted both volume and intensity. Neither of them seemed to build my bench press strength. Now we are looking more at exercise selection. I am convinced that we will eventually find an answer. It may be this cycle or it may be 3 years from now; but I will keep looking and I will find it.

About Eric Talmant

Eric Talmant is a top lightweight powerlifter and has a "passion for all things nutrition." A 1996 graduate of the University of Evansville, Eric is a certified Metabolic TypingŪ advisor and Functional Diagnostic nutritionist.


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