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June 23, 2024

Sideways Barbell End Lunges
By Nick Nilsson

Sideways Barbell End Lunges

This is an excellent one for developing the lateral aspect of the hips and thighs. It's basically a lunge (or more accurately, a step-back lunge) movement. But instead of holding dumbells in your hands or a weight across your back, you're going to be using a whole NEW type of set-up...

And that set-up is a barbell with one end down (either in a corner or using a piece of equipment that locks it in place) and the other end loaded.

The piece of equipment that I'm using to anchor the bar is a T-Bar Bracket from New York Barbells. Click here to get one - they're not expensive (40 bucks) and definitely worth the price. The number of exercises you can do with the pivit like this is HUGE. All you do is slide it under the "foot" of a machine and screw it and you're set. I use mine all the time.

Sideways Barbell End Lunges

Anyway, for this particular exercise, you can just put the end of the bar in a corner (I'd recommend putting a towel in the corner first THEN the bar so as you're lifting, it doesn't rub paint off the wall or damage anything).

You don't need to load both ends because you'll be working on the other side of the weights plates - they'll keep the bar down.

  • So stand beside the loaded end of the bar and grab it with both hands.

  • Now lift it up so you're carrying it it front of your shoulders and leaning into the bar at an angle, like in the pics.

  • Now squat down on one leg (or call it a step-back lunge).

  • Keep leaning into the bar then push back up. Try to use just the front leg as much as possible - it's okay to use some of the back leg, too.

  • Once you've done all your reps on one side, hold the bar at the top then switch around to the other side.

  • Repeat on the other leg, leaning into the bar and doing a step-back lunge type of movement.

  • Lower yourself down

  • Push back up and keep going until you're toasted!

This exercise is great in several ways...

  • Because you're leaning to the side as you're doing this exercise, you're really hitting the entire lateral aspect of your lower body from the hips down through the ankles. Not too many sports where lateral power and stability aren't critical!

  • The bar still move pretty freely so it's like being locked into a machine. You're still able to move around quite a lot.

  • Holding the bar out in front makes this exercise similar to a front squat in terms of how it hits the core. A nice bonus!

  • You can work your legs until you're fall-down trashed because all you have to do is set the bar down - no need to rerack anything or get stuck at the bottom of a squat.

Give this one a try next time it's leg day. You'll feel it!




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