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April 13, 2024

Underground Shock Training
By Zach Even-Esh

Underground Shock Training

If you have hit a plateau in your performance training, there are likely many variables missing that can help you break your plateau. Often times you need a change of pace and must be taken out of your comfort zone. This is where “shock training” comes into play.

You will take your mind and body into a zone they have never experienced before. This style of training does not need to be performed every single time you train, but here and there it’s a great idea to implement something similar to what I’m about to outline for you.

When performing shock training, we utilize basic barbell lifts, odd objects such as Kegs, Tires, Russian Kettlebells, Thick Rope Movements and sandbags. We also perform various calisthenics, sprinting and jumping drills. Each compound movement or sprinting / jumping drill is followed by a specific combat drill required for that athlete’s sport. Workouts are performed for timed rounds (5 minutes per round) with predetermined rep patterns or for maximum rounds in a specific time period (i.e. max rounds in 15 minutes).

Underground Shock Training

Below are some of our favorite movements we will incorporate into a Shock Workout. We often choose 3 strength movements, 1 jumping or sprinting drill and 1 version of the combat specific drill (i.e. pad work, ground submissions, takedowns, fit ins, throws). If you own a martial arts school, much of this equipment can be stored behind your school or in a corner, out of the way from your students.

  1. Keg Clean & Press – This is a powerful full body movement which works the entire body intensely. The water moves around in the keg forcing you to ground your feet and maintain balance. This is an explosive movement and must be performed with aggression and speed!

  2. Trap Bar Deadlift – This is a powerful movement for developing the power and strength through your hips, entire lower body and your entire back, in addition to strengthening your grip.

  3. Tire Flipping – The massive amount of energy required to flip a tire is tremendous, as are the benefits of ripping through circuits of tire flips mixed in with more shock treatment. There is not one muscle which does not get worked during the tire flip.

  4. Stone Lifting – Once again, we are choosing a movement that requires the entire body to work together as a unit, no isolating here. Your entire body will be worked like never before and the focus must be intense here. Any type of stone can be used during this drill. Many of our stones are from old playgrounds that were sitting around collecting dirt until we came along, hosed the dirt off and turned them into strength equipment.

  5. Farmer Walks – Carrying objects is one of the simplest forms of strength training as well as one of the most challenging. Carrying kettlebells, anvils, kegs, sandbags, stones – you name it, you can carry it. The awkward nature of the carry forces the body to work as a unit and places you in uncomfortable positions. You can quit or keep pressing on!

Underground Shock Training The moral here is to organize several full body movements in a circuit while also placing your body in an uncommon environment. For us, this means training in full Gi, wearing a mouth guard, knee pads, outside in the sweltering heat and humidity. Combining all these elements shocks the mind and body and causes you t step it up a notch or two. It may be exactly what you needed to make it to the next level.

Try this workout for 3 rounds of 5 minutes each, rest 1 minute after each round:

  • 1A) tire flip x 5

  • 1B) keg clean & press x 5

  • 1C) odd object farmer walk x 100 ft.

  • 1D) sprint x 100 ft.


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