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July 20, 2024
"Ryan Kennelly the Biggest Bencher in the World Reveals His Inside Training Secretes"

The Kennelly Method

Ryan Kennelly is the strongest and one of the most respected benchpressers in the history of iron sports. He is the current all time record holder with a competition benchpress of 800.5 pounds. He is also the current World Powerlifting Organization Heavyweight Bench Press Champion, winning that title at the 2003 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Bench Bash competition. The Kennelly Method, is the definitive book on bench press training. It will take you through Mr. Kennelly's lifting technique, muscle building nutrition, and how to set up a training program for building a MONSTER BENCH PRESS!

The Kennelly Method Covers:

  • Ryan Kennelly's benchpress competition history in detail.

  • A nutritional plan for strength building and training recovery.

  • Information on powerlifting equipment.

  • Complete descriptions and training instruction on all primary and auxiliary benchpress Training lifts, and how to organize them into a complete program.

  • Instruction on using maximum leverage and technique for explosive power

  • How to properly prepare for, and compete in, a benchpress competition

  • Pages of priceless information on benchpress boards, chains, and bands, speed training, benching with maximum poundage, and on training the rest of the body to become a powerfully conditioned benchpressing machine!

Excerpt from the Kennelly Method

"I had one final attempt at the benchpress that day and the crowd knew what I was going for. The loaders piled on iron plate after iron plate, the stage was set, and the roar of the crowd built like a tidal wave careening onto the shoreline. I walked out onto the stage, almost in a trance, my eyes dilated and my pulse pounding in my ears. I set up on the bench and looked at the bar on the rack above me. The spotters handed the weight off to me, my hands squeezed the knurling, and I began the descent downwards, feeling the insane load dropping to my chest. The bar paused and I fully came to realize just how heavy this burden was. I could no longer hear the crowd and the world around me seemed to simply drift. "Press!" the judge commanded and every fiber in my body pushed against that weight. The bar came off my chest like a rocket, my muscles coursing with burning flames. My triceps and shoulders fired on all cylinders, forcing my arms to lockout and the lift was mine! I HAD JUST BENCHPRESSED 800.5 POUNDS! What was formerly thought of as impossible, had just been done."

Bench Monster Ryan Kennelly

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Ryan Kennelly In Action


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