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September 25, 2022

Research On Sex, Testosterone...And MUSCLE!
By Jeff Anderson "The Muscle Nerd"

Research On Sex, Testosterone...And MUSCLE!

Obviously everyone who's ever stuck a barbell in their hand realizes the power that NATURALLY increasing your body's production of Testosterone and Growth Hormone (GH) is where it's at!

And here's a question I've been asked so many times, I've simply stopped counting...

"Does SEX actually LOWER testosterone...and your ability to build muscle?"

I mean we all know that raising your "T" levels can DRAMATICALLY increase your libido as well as pack on layers of thick new muscle, right?

So is your "love life" holding you back from some KILLER gains in the gym?

I mean, what about the "old school" BOXING rule of not having sex the night before your fight?

Was it because it took the "lion" out of the fighter? Made him WEAKER?

Actually, this was a question I recently took head on.

Research On Sex, Testosterone...And MUSCLE!

But I gotta tell you...

...it wasn't EASY finding an answer!

After tracking down several endocrinologists and urologists, all of them just shrugged their shoulders and told me they “didn’t know the answer”.


You’d think guys who are supposed to be experts in healing erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels would have at least a CLUE about this, right?

So I dug deeper...

...and called up a friend of his who is a a world-renowned researcher in hormone replacement therapy.

After a long discussion, here's what we came up with...

YES! Sex CAN reduce your testosterone levels AND your muscle gains!

I'll explain WHY in a second, but here's what's MOST important...

I'm ALSO going to give you the "secret" to not giving up your love life in order to have MORE MUSCLE!

Ok, follow along...

Testosterone is a VERY important hormone for gaining muscle.

Research On Sex, Testosterone...And MUSCLE!

We've established that.

Well in order for your body to optimize output, you MUST have enough of the mineral ZINC in your body.

Zinc is an essential nutrient for your internal “T-Factory” and your body uses it up very rapidly but doesn’t store very much in reserve.

Therefore, zinc must be replenished DAILY, but...

...our diets these days are naturally DEVOID of zinc due to our poor choices AND the degradation of our food supply from poor farming methods (don’t get me started!).

But here’s the kicker...

We men also lose zinc during SEX!

In fact, We lose up to 1mg of zinc for each “happy ending” we have...and even MORE while sweating (so sweaty sex is basically a “zinc SLAYER”! ;-)

Ok, so if you’ve been following along...

Sweaty Sex = Zinc Deficiency = Low Testosterone Levels = Less Muscle

Ok, now the solution (and NO...the answer is NOT to stop having sweaty sex! ;-)

First, testosterone is a “supply and demand” hormone so you’d damn well better be using a program that triggers natural “T” release.

Actually, this is the entire basis of my “Optimum Anabolics” program because I reveal a unique method for naturally increasing testosterone and growth hormone (as much as 1,00%) through what I call “natural hormone triggering”.

Research On Sex, Testosterone...And MUSCLE! But the bottom line, you MUST be providing your body with the “NEED” to produce more "T".

Fortunately, having more sex ALSO creates a “need” for more "T" so it's just a matter of SUPPORTING your own natural production which I cover in DETAIL in my book.

(BTW...feel free to use this excuse with your partner if things have been a bit “slow” lately – “Really honey! It’s for my health!)

Next, make sure you’re supplementing with about 15-25mg each day of zinc picolinate.

It's best to take it at night on an empty stomach, right before you go to bed.

This will make sure you have adequate levels of the "raw nutrient" to optimize natural testosterone production...

...and of course, BUILD MORE MUSCLE!

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