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October 7, 2022

A Shocking Protein Supplement Discovery!
By Jeff Anderson "The Muscle Nerd"

A Shocking Protein Supplement Discovery!

Which protein works best at building muscle? The answer will SHOCK YOU!

If you follow popular bodybuilding advice you've probably heard that different types of protein powders are consumed at different times for different reasons.

For example, "Casein Protein" (a very slow digesting protein) isn't as bio-available to your muscle.

But because casein forms a solid "clot" in your stomach, it's digested and absorbed very slowly, reportedly helping to prevent muscle breakdown over a longer period of time.

This is said to be especially effective for "hardgainers" whose metabolism may shoot right through more powerful proteins.

On the flip side, powders like "Whey Protein Isolate" are easily soaked up by your muscles but are said to best be used for times immediately after your workout.

The advantage is that you fast track the aminos to your muscles...downside has always been that it doesn't "last" as long in your body and leaves your muscles "high and dry" unless you constantly refill your body's amino acid reserves.

A Shocking Protein Supplement Discovery!

Well, it may be time to forget EVERYTHING you've been told!

The absolute highest bio-available protein is "Whey protein hydrolysate" and it's like crack cocaine to your muscles because it's digested and absorbed faster than any other protein source.

For 99.9% of the "experts" out there, that would mean you should ONLY use it IMMEDIATELY after your workout.

But a study out of the Copenhagen (Denmark) Muscle Research Center may reveal a shocking insight...

Researchers discovered that out of all of the proteins, whey protein hydrolysate not only had the highest availability of amino acids (meaning your body uses more of what you ingest)...

...but it ALSO had the highest availability of amino acids during the entire 3 HOURS after consumption!

That would make whey hydrolysate the KING of all proteins when it comes to muscle building!

Now, I've recently been experimenting with this new discovery.

Specifically, I've been working on my own "homemade" formula for an upcoming update to my popular program "Homemade Supplement Secrets"

Here's what I've found from my current experiments:

1. My muscle growth has increased by about 20% while only using hydrolysate 3 times a day when compared with the same 6-week mass-gaining cycle using casein protein.

(Note: I was using my Optimum Anabolics program for this test (www.OptimumAnabolics.com) and based it upon a 3-week "Progressive Load Cycle" followed by a 3-week "Hyper-Adaptive" cycle)

2. The whey hydrolysate powder is a bit more expensive than casein and WAY more expensive than concentrate or isolate.

(I bought 25 lbs for $239 at allthewhey.com compated with $151 for whey concentrate)

A Shocking Protein Supplement Discovery!

3. The powder "cakes up" much more in protein drinks and tastes almost like "plastic"..."2 Stars" on the flavor rating.

The Muscle Nerd Analysis?

20% could mean a lot more muscle for you, especially if you're a more advanced lifter and have to fight to push your genetics further and further.

If that's YOU, then you may want to test your own results with hydrolysate.

But for value, or if you're not as serious a lifter, I'd say stick with whey protein isolate as it has excellent bioavailability and works well for 95% of the "Average Joe's" out there.

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