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October 7, 2022

Get Personal And Start Learning Your Gym Members Names
by Brian Cannone

Get Personal And Start Learning Your Gym Members Names

Let me ask you something.

Which do you think is more important - the people whose names you already know, or the members of your health club whose names you don't know yet?

Most people think it's the members names that you already know, but it's not!

If you don't know somebody's name that's a member of your health club, you better learn their name very quickly and start remembering it.

Knowing a person's name is very important and although most people don't even realize it on a conscious level, deep-down they're thinking "wow, he must really care about me - I love that feeling".

As wishy-washy as that might sound, it's completely true.

Get Personal And Start Learning Your Gym Members Names

Think about it, what other places know them by name? The grocery store doesn't, clothing stores don't, their gas station probably doesn't, nor do 99% of the other places they visit on a regular basis!

So if you start talking to them by name, it creates an instant bond between you and the prospect.

And think about it - if you were the prospect, would you rather stay at a place who already knew your name and you were pretty much friends with, or would you pick the place down the street who might be a few bucks cheaper, but wasn't personal and friendly towards you?

I don't know about you, but I'd pick the place that was personal with me every single time!

Here's what I do to be even more personal with some of my clients. And keep in mind, this doesn't work for ALL clients - you have to get to know them first and see their personality, and make a judgment call.

This is what I do:

When I start to get to know a client that I think has a fun personality, I'll make up kind of a nickname for them. There is an older guy who comes into my health club who kind of resembles George Clooney, so instead of calling him by his real name I'll say "Heyyy George Clooney, how's it goin buddy?"

Do you see how much of a different relationship I have with him as compared to how most business owners treat their clients?

Get Personal And Start Learning Your Gym Members Names Now you also have to be a little careful when using this approach, so be forewarned.

Although it's extremely effective as a client retention strategy, and will probably even get you a lot more referrals than you're used to seeing, you can't go TOO far with it.

For example if a very attractive girl comes in you can't call her by some porn stars name or say anything specifically about her body. All you have to do is encourage her that she looks great, that's it.

You need to learn the line between encouragement and sexual harassment. Unfortunately in today's society that line is very, very thin - so always be more safe than sorry. Watch the persons face and body language as you give them the compliment and if it's negative even in the least bit, don't ever say anything like that again.

For most people that won't be a problem, I just wanted to let you know that sometimes it is an issue so you need to be careful. But that shouldn't deter you from complimenting your gym members and joking around with them!


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