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October 1, 2023

Pec-Poking Pain From This Chest Training Technique
By Jeff Anderson "The Muscle Nerd"

Pec-Poking Pain From This Chest Training Technique

When was the last time you really had that "chest poke pain"?

You know...like when 24 hours after your chest workout, you can't stop poking your pecs with your finger to marvel at how much it hurts?

Yeah, it's a secret pleasure of mine too! (ha ha!)

If it's been a while, then here's a "Quick Chest Training Technique" I did last week that will have YOU pokin' away by tomorrow evening:

(Warning to "skimmers": This will LOOK like a simple, giant "tri-set", but there are a few twists...so READ EACH STEP!)

1. First, you're going to be using the bench press for this exercise (your favorite, right? ;-)

2. Choose a weight that you can do for about 12 reps before hitting failure BUT (and this is IMPORTANT!) load up the bar with either 10lb or 25lb plates so that you can quickly take off 50% of what you have loaded on each side.

(Sure, you'll look like a whuss! But ARE you? Hell no...so "grab 'em" like you got a pair and don't give a damn what the other guys think! ;-)

Pec-Poking Pain From This Chest Training Technique

3. Now, do a traditional set (8-12 reps) on the bench press until you reach full muscular failure.

4. As soon as you rack the weight, jump up and strip 50% off each side.

5. Now...with no rest, grab the bar with a WIDE, WIDE grip (up to 12 inches past your shoulders) and knock out your reps to failure.

Side Note: This works by really taking your burned out triceps out of the picture as much as possible and give you a WICKED PUMP in your chest!

Read on...

6. LASTLY...as soon as you hit failure on this second set and rack the weight, with no rest, grab a dumbbell (just about 30-50 lbs will do nicely) and do a set of Dumbbell Pullovers, keeping your arms VERY, VERY STRAIGHT (to take your triceps out of the movement even more) and feel a good stretch in your chest at the bottom.

This will allow you to really burn out your Type 1 muscle fibers for a serious Growth Hormone (GH) response and a massive pump!

Once you hit failure, give yourself a good 2-3 minute rest to recover and run through this giant set just one more time.

That will give you 6 total "chest sets" and the next day all your co-workers will be wondering why you keep poking your chest and wincing! ;-)

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