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Pasteurized vs. Raw Milk - Which is best?
By Mark Ottobre

Pasteurized vs. Raw Milk - Which is best?

Milk isn't the same food product it had been half a century ago. Modern farming has turned milk into something which carefully resembles milk - but has limited dietary value.

A lot of us were raised being trained that milk is really a dietary question food, and that we require it for more powerful bones. However with commercial milk we forget that calcium is a lot harder to soak up and also the important enzymes required for digestion are wiped out off along the way.

What are the Cows Eating?

Imagine altering natural human diet from stuff that is hunted, caught and collected to stuff that is processed and packed. Oh wait, that's happening everyday and also the result is quite a bit of sick humans who've conditions varying from cardiovascular disease to diabetes.

A cow's natural weight loss program is grass. Altering a cow's diet from grass to grains (or soy) includes a similar impact on the cow. Cows become ill. Because cows become ill anti-biotics are essential.

Cows aren't designed to eat grains Corn or soybeans are utilized simply because they are are cheap. There's been a well known promotion of "organic" grain given cows also it is absurd as cows are considered unsuitable to consume grains to start with! Each time I see "organic grain given cow" on the menu or perhaps in a supermarket, I take this as the ultimate insult to the consumer. Cows aren't designed to eat grains! The next time you see this on the menu inside a restaurant, as if they are attempting to insult you (or simply order grass given).

Milk farmers are under enormous pressure to get it done "cheaper and quicker". Because mainstream media keeps telling people milk is good, there's a reasonably popular for milk. Should you consider it, milk is really a staple food for most of us. Just request Andrew or Andrea Average what they eat in the morning and they'll let you know, cereal with milk.

HELLO! Cereal in the morning is simply a western tradition which was popularised and marketed through the wheat and dairy industries who really do not, not, not worry about your wellbeing!

Hormone Free Cows

For reasons uknown (hint: the green stuff - money), some milk farmers use Bovine Growth Hormones or BGH to assist cows produce more milk. This doesn't exist in Australia, Canada or New Zealand as cattle drugging laws and regulations are strict. However, it will occur in america. It is interesting to notice that Canada banned BGH for animal activist reasons since its not seen as an humane practice.

some milk farmers use BGH to assist cows produce more milk

MILK! With added Calcium!

Ever thought about why food companies are adding Ascorbic Acid, D and Calcium to milk nowadays? It is because when milk will get pasteurised, this stuff get destroyed or changed. Milk in the raw condition need not be prepared.

Within the US, very couple of states are permitted to market raw milk. Actually, just lately in California, the 'Governator' Arnold Schwarzenegger passed a bill to illegalise the selling of raw milk. Remember, this is actually the same Arnold who built his body consuming raw milk from Austria.

All I will say is shame you Arnold.

Under certain conditions, milk could be advantageous. However milk today from the supermarket shelf doesn not compare to meeting individuals conditions therefore it is better to avoid it.

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