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September 25, 2022

Special Report: Outdoor Training Secrets
By Zach Even-Esh

Special Report: Outdoor Training Secrets

When the weather is warm it's critical you take advantage of the freedom you have to train outdoors.

Training indoors is great. You can go heavy with all your free weights, train with a power rack, use heavy barbells and dumbbells. Outside, the heavy barbells and dumbbells are not going to be your choice tools while outdoors unless you leave your barbells and dumbbells on your back porch or deck year round.

In addition, we want to get away from your back yard where the convenience of being home is too easy to cut the workout short and limit yourself on creativity.

The combination of heavy barbells and dumbbells along with your outdoor workouts are a perfect way to combine the elements of strength, speed, work capacity and conditioning.

You need to go to a playground and take it over, convert it into an Underground training compound that would be suitable for special forces soldiers, just don't scare away the kids and the parents! If you train groups or run boot camps, get to the park early so the playground is empty and all yours!

It is also easy to find smaller parks that are a bit run down and unused by the general public. We have a few of these in my area and it makes it VERY easy to train with no rules.

Special Report: Outdoor Training Secrets

There are various swing sets with poles that are low and high, allowing for pole climbing, endless pull up variations, push up variations on the swing sets and you can also attach rings to the high bars for pull ups, dips and muscle ups.

Here's what you can mix in at the local park with bodyweight only:

Lower Body:

  • Step ups on bench

  • Jumps onto bench or picnic table

  • Jumps OVER bench

  • Lateral Jumps on or over bench

  • Bodyweight squats and lunge variations

**To the above movements, you can add the following tools for added resistance:

  • Sandbags

  • Weighted back packs

  • Weight vest

  • Kettlebell(s)

  • Stones

If possible, you should always have a sled with you to take to the park. You can load your sled with a few kettlebells. This allows you to drag the sled and then end the set with a kettlebell movement which is tremendous for improving work capacity. Try finishing every set of sled drags with the following Kettlebell circuit:

  • A) hand to hand swings x 10

  • B) clean & press x 5 each

  • C) snatch x 5 each

Upper Body:

  • Pull ups

  • Pull ups with towels / ropes

  • Pulling and rowing movements with bands attached to bars

  • Feet elevated push ups (feet on bench)

  • Hands elevated push ups for lesser prepared individuals

  • Tricep Extensions (face down)

  • Hanging leg raises / knee ups / windshield wipers

  • Parallel bar dips

  • Leg raises while upright on parallel bars

  • Hand walking on parallel bars

On The Grass:

  • Sprints

  • Wheel Barrow (Hand walking - partner holds ankles)

  • Long jumps

  • Abdominal exercises

  • Stone Carries (zercher & overhead)

Outdoor Training Secrets Your possibilities are truly endless at the park, only limited by your imagination, NOT the equipment you have or don't have! If you recall, I have mentioned MANY times how my athletes and I trained outdoors the majority of the time except during winter.

Here's what I want you to do.

Below are three playground workouts. Print the workouts and take them to the park with you. Test them out for the next 3 weeks in combination with your other training methods.

Remember, you can find out how to make sleds through our articles sections. See the pics below for a quick visual.

Workout 1

  • 1) Mixed grip pull ups x 25 reps total

  • 2) Feet elevated push ups x 25 total

  • 3A) zercher stone carry 2 x 200 ft.

  • 3B) forward / backward sled drag 2 x 100 ft. each

  • 3) stone clean & press x 8, 5, 3 reps

Workout 2

  • 1A) sandbag / stone step ups 2 x 8 each leg

  • 1B) sandbag military press 2 x 6 - 8 reps

  • 2) Overhead stone carry 2 x 100 ft.

  • 3) sprints / hill sprints 5 x 5 - 8 seconds per set

Workout 3

  • 1) BW squats x 100 total

  • 2) Walking Lunges x 100 total

  • 3) Weighted back pack pull ups x 25 total

  • 4) Weighted back pack push ups x 25 total

  • 5) Sled drag forwards / backwards x 10 minutes total, alternate directions every minute

Now you have 3 different workouts, some focus on strength, others on endurance and others on work capacity.

Combine these with the basics of variations of the following:

  • barbell squats

  • barbell deadlifts

  • barbell benching

  • barbell military pressing

  • barbell rowing

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