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September 27, 2022

Stick With Necessary Gym Equipment Instead Of The Fancy Stuff
by Brian Cannone

Stick With Necessary Gym Equipment Instead Of The Fancy Stuff

You walk into a health club and it's magnificently displayed. There are glass shower doors, a rock climbing wall, a huge elegant waterfall, and plasma TV's laid out all over the place - even in the locker rooms!

Do you REALLY need all this stuff, or are you trying to satisfy your own ego by making your club seem like it's a really cool and hip place to be?

Well, this depends on a few things. Let's take a look.

If you have all these beautiful and expensive items in your health club but the place where the people actually come to get in good shape is crowded, you're spending your money in the wrong places.

If people are waiting in line for 5 minutes just to get on the treadmill or use the bench press, you're spending your money in the wrong place.

If people are coming up and complaining to you that someone is hogging the equipment - you're spending your money in the wrong place.

Listen, people come to your health club for one thing...to get in shape! Although the waterfalls, plasma TV's and all that stuff make the place look great, what is it actually doing to HELP your members?

Stick With Necessary Gym Equipment Instead Of The Fancy Stuff

If your members are coming in and waiting in line to use a machine, you need to get rid of the "junk" and go out and buy some more equipment. If you don't have enough room, you need to stop spending money on luxury items and instead rip down a wall and put in another 100sq. ft. of space so you can fit more members in your club.

Now obviously sometimes they might have to wait if you're having an especially busy day, but if it's a regular occurrence something needs to be changed.

Trust me, people aren't going to continue coming back if they're constantly waiting in line to use a machine. And they're going to spread the word to their friends (just because people naturally like to complain). So if they're going to complain, you want them to be complaining about your competitors - not you!

Also realize that this also depends on the atmosphere of your business. If you're trying to achieve an "upscale" image, some of these things may be necessary. However, know your boundaries and always put what is necessary first - which is always having enough machines and enough room for people to be comfortable.

I know it's tempting to purchase all kinds of fancy equipment and make the place look "pretty" but trust me, it's MUCH better in the long-run to buy equipment that's absolutely necessary first, then go for the pretty stuff second.

You might even think of doing a customer survey and finding out what they want, then giving THAT to them!

Because in the end, you need to give your customers what they want. Don't try and pretend you know what they want because a lot of times they can surprise you. Take care of them, and they'll take care of you.


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