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September 25, 2022

How Do I Get More Energy After Weight Lifting?
By Jeff Bode

How Do I Get More Energy After Weight Lifting?

A common question I get asked as a personal trainer is how do I get more energy after weight lifting? What they are really saying is I get too tired from lifting weights. This is another one of the many excuses people use to avoid lifting weights.

The truth is you will get tired if you are working hard enough regardless of what you do. There are a few simple and necessary ways to reduce the feeling of being too tired after your workouts. This is especially necessary for those that workout in the morning.

The first thing you should do is have a good pre workout meal. This is necessary to supply energy for your workouts. The meal should consist of protein and complex carbohydrates. The carbohydrates supply energy which is absolutely needed for an effective workout. Complex carbohydrates supply long term energy for your body. While simple carbs are more helpful if you are eating right before your workout and your workout is short because they only supply short term energy.

How Do I Get More Energy After Weight Lifting?

Protein is necessary for metabolic processes and supplying the building block of your body including your muscles. Most weight lifters know they should consume protein, but few know that too much protein over 30% of total diet for long periods of time can cause Cancer, Heart Disease and Kidney problems. Fatty foods should also be reduced before a workout because they are known to cause stomach problems during workouts. The main point is you don't drive a car on an empty tank, why would you do that for your body?

Next, water consumption should be increased before, during, and after workouts. As the most important nutrient for your body it is should be consumed throughout the day especially the workout process. There are numerous benefits of water some of the important ones are that it helps with digestion, metabolism and suppresses appetite this combination of qualities allows you to lose weight by regularly drinking water throughout the day. You body doesn't store as much water either because it knows it's getting a constant supply. From a body building standpoint your muscles are about 70% water so it's only natural that getting enough water will improve the intensity of your workouts.

Another way to have more energy after your workouts is to have shorter workouts. Your workouts should be 90 minutes maximum; if you need to split your workouts do so. After 90 minutes your body's energy level will go down because the food you ate before your workout is no longer supplying you adequate energy. This means your muscles will start to breakdown. This leads me to my next point.

How Do I Get More Energy After Weight Lifting? Drink a post workout shake as soon as possible after your workout. Less than 30 minutes after is ideal. The shake should include whey protein due to its quick absorption and simple carbs. The combination of these will allow your muscles to quickly get the energy they need. If they fail to do this, the muscles will start breaking down for energy and obviously we don't want all are hard work to be for nothing.

A good shake I recommend is getting some whey protein supplement, milk and about a spoon full of honey. This will supply you with the protein and carbohydrates that you need for a short period of time and as a result give you more energy for your muscles and the rest of your body.

Finally, you should eat a good meal about an hour after your workout. The meal should supply your long term energy needs. So the meal should be at least 50% carbohydrates and most of that should be complex carbohydrates for long term energy. Protein and fat should also be consumed during this meal as they aide in bodily functions and energy as well.

Bottom line here's what you need to do to keep your energy level up during and after your workouts. Eat a pre workout meal with complex carbs and protein. Drink water before, during, and after workouts. Keep workout length under 90 minutes, if need be split your workout. Drink a shake with whey protein and simple carbs. Eat a good meal after your workout.

About The Author - Jeff Bode

Jeff is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and creator of Healthfitnessreports.com containing a large selection of unbiased muscle building and weight loss product reports including user feedback, ratings and key features.


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