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June 8, 2023

Powerlifter Tony Conyers Has A Passion For Ministry

Powerlifting Legend Tony Conyers

With a passion for ministry and powerlifting, Tony Conyers has been preaching the strong word of God for 10 years now. Becoming a born again Christian in 1996, God's will for Tony has been notably expressed via his powerlifting career, which has allowed him to accomplish the following:

  • Multi time world record holder

  • Multi organization world Champion

  • First lightweight to total over 2000 lbs

  • All-time WR holder in two divisions

  • Life time drug free

  • Current IPF masters WR holder in SQ, DL and total

  • One of the longest reigns in powerlifting history- over 20 years at the top

  • One of the first men in history to total 12 times body weight

  • Only Lifter to ever win a national title in every major federation in America

Although this list of accomplishments is overwhelmingly impressive, Tony considers them a mere stepping stone for his bigger mission on this earth and that is being a Man of God and preaching salvation in Jesus' name. Tony Conyers is a father, a husband, a powerlifter, but first and foremost he is a born again Christian that is doing God's great work here on earth among us all. In a world where standing for something is sometimes very hard to do, Tony walks tall and lives the Christian life he so fervently preaches every single day. As the many friends that know him will attest, Tony Conyers truly is the Lord's humble servant and a devout Christian.


Congrat Tony For Winning 1st Place At The RUM2
1529 Raw Total Weighing 165 At 50 Years Young


Tony Conyers Benching at the RUM2


Tony Conyers



What Happens In The Afterlife?


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