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January 29, 2023

How Metabolic Typing® Can Change Your Life!
By Eric Talmant for CriticalBench.com

How Metabolic Typing® Can Change Your Life!

The following email was sent to me by a client that was suffering from depression. Especially in this day and age, depression in our society seem to be growing bigger and bigger across all ages and races. Of course there are many reasons for this, but I believe that if we would simply slow down and pay more attention to the foods that we feed out bodies that the odds of becoming depressed would radically decrease. I have said it once and I will say it a thousand times more: for the dieting coin there are two sides-the HealthExcel Advanced Metabolic Typing® test and the Signet MRT® food sensitivity test. These two tests are absolutely the best investments a person will ever make. Just read on for what they did for Jeff Sivell.

Hello Eric,

This is my first time contacting you, and it is simply a very long thank-you for bringing Metabolic Typing® to my attention. Please forgive its length. I'm just very excited to share my story with you.

I'm almost 22 now, and all my life I've struggled with depression, anxiety and mood swings. These had severely limited my progress in life. I was apathetic about missing work, I dropped out of college so I didn't have to face the daily stresses, and I could rarely manage to bring myself to interact to people in normal situations due to anxiety (i.e.; facing cashiers at stores. I would avoid going in until another day, or send my girlfriend instead). My case was particularly bad and I couldn't understand why. I had actually begun to think it was just "in my nature". After all, none of the pills my doctor had prescribed had any effect. On top of this constant problem I had also had a worsening of my asthma symptoms starting about 2 years ago. I was now using a fast acting inhaler 6-12x a day everyday! The nurse that talked to me after I had a particularly bad attack and went to the ER told me that I should only have to use it 3x a week and if I wasn't then my "control" medications weren't working properly. I wasn't even using a "control" medication. So this led me to the doctor's office to get one. I was prescribed 4 different medications in succession, as the first 3 didn't work on me. This fourth medication got me down to using my fast acting inhaler about 4-5 times a day. This was a huge deal to me! I thought this was my miracle medication, although the idea of taking it every day for the rest of my life wasn't something I was looking forward to. This was until I forgot to pick up my prescription and realized after 2 days my symptoms weren't any worse…I decided to wait a while before going back on my meds….to my surprise my symptoms started to improve! And that's when it hit me. It wasn't the medications.

How Metabolic Typing® Can Change Your Life!

You see, after discovering strength training about 3 years ago, it was my goal to become as strong as possible, and I had even wanted to become competitive lifter. I made progress, and passed most all my friends in strength development, but I noticed I took longer to recover and my performance was very inconsistent. This made me feel like something was wrong with me. I had even considered and talked to my doctor about using steroids and we made a plan for me to go ahead with them (although procuring them would be my job. No prescriptions.) Soon after this meeting, I read a post to you in the Q&A of a sports web site about someone having low testosterone levels where you suggested he look into the Metabolic Typing® diet rather than opt for therapeutic testosterone. I decided I'd give it a go, and bought William Wolcott's book. I simply took the test inside and never looked at another page. I started to implement a crude version of Metabolic Typing®. This basically consisted of eating any meat and any fats, as I was a protein type. This was the exact same time period that I started to take the miraculous asthma medication…

I now have taken an online version (the Advanced Metabolic Typing® test which can be found here: http://www.erictalmant.com/AdvancedMTTest.html) of the test, read whatever I can about Metabolic Typing®, and implement whatever new ideas I come across while experimenting frequently with food combinations (although I seem to be doing very well right now on about 250g of ground veal or lamb and a handful of walnuts). In the short span of about 3 months my lifts have gone up, my consistency of my performance is far beyond anything I could have imagined before, I've leaned out a bit (from 280 to 250), I have not had any serious bouts of depression, I've become more outgoing and sociable, rarely experience anxiety, and I use my asthma inhaler maybe one or twice a day when I exercise (no "controller medication needed!)…And most important of all is my quality of life in general... I feel exactly how Wolcott defined health in the book when he wrote about being in a "state of dynamic well-being"!

My family and friends have all noticed a profound difference in my behaviors and attitude and I'm even now looking into applying at local institute of holistic nutrition.

This has entirely rerouted my life, and I owe it directly to you for bringing this system to my attention. To be honest with you, had you not been a respectable lifter I wouldn't have paid any attention to your touting the benefits of Metabolic Typing®.

I look forward to reading more from you online, and furthering my own knowledge of Metabolic Typing® and alternative health in general. And I'd like to say one last time; I owe this newfound love for life to you!

Thanks again!
Jeff Sivell

Metabolic Typing® absolutely builds vibrant health, as Jeff Sivell can attest to. What is holding you up? Building health vibrant health is just a few clicks away at www.erictalmant.com. See you next week!

About Eric Talmant

Eric Talmant is a top lightweight powerlifter and has a "passion for all things nutrition." A 1996 graduate of the University of Evansville, Eric is a certified Metabolic Typing® advisor www.mt-advisors.info/EditIndex.php. Talmant is certified to offer the Advanced Metabolic Typing® Test as well as order blood work (the Signet MRT Test, U.S. BioTek ELISA IgG allergy test, the High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein heart health test); as well as the BioHealth Diagnostics Adrenal and Hormone saliva test Profiles.

Eric has competed in the ADFPA, NASA, AAPF, APF, APA, the WPO, and the Raw Unity Meet. He holds the APF Florida state men's open equipped squat record of 678 pounds. He has been ranked in the top in the 75K class among all raw lifters in the United States for the past two years and he was a top equipped lifter in the two years before that.

His best equipped lifts are a 683 pound squat, 391 pound bench press, and a 650 pound deadlift in the 75K weight class. His best raw lifts to date are 485 pound squat without knee wraps, 290 pound bench press, and 635 pound deadlift.

He is also the founder and contest director of the Raw Unity Meet www.rawunitymeet.com which experienced great success in 2008 and 2009.

Talmant brings a unique skill set and 16 years of nutritional experience to his sponsors BMF Sports, Ultra Life, Inc., Critical Bench, and Titan Support Systems. He lives in rural Spring Hill, Florida, and can be reached through his web site at www.erictalmant.com


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