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January 29, 2023

Can Metabolic TypingŪ Really Do All That?
By Eric Talmant for CriticalBench.com

Can Metabolic TypingŪ Really Do All That?

Over the past several months, I have had interaction with my chiropractor, dermatologist, and of course my massage therapist Liz. When I went to Susan (the chiro) I was experiencing a lot of numbness in the left side of my upper body that stemmed from squatting in a suit. The first step she did was order a series of x-rays to see what might be going on structurally. Come to find out my thoracic area was tracking left. So, she put a plan in place and now several months later I am holding my adjustment and things are back where they should be. Susan sees x-rays of the spine numerous times a day, most of the days of her life. However, it is interesting to note that she commented to me that with the exception of the slight thoracic curve that my spine is one of the healthiest she has ever seen in terms of no spurs, disc spacing, etc. Now, keep in mind that I have been beating my body up for most of my adolescent and adult life with athletics, the military and intense powerlifting. In her professional opinion, this is the result of my Metabolic TypingŪ lifestyle.

When I went in for my annual check-up to the dermatologist, he was really amazed at how my skin continues to be so soft, supple, etc. Now guys-I know what you are thinking. Put your egos down for a minute and look at what is actually happening. My cellular turnover must be so efficient and so "focused" that my skin-at age 35-continues to regenerate and rebuild like someone that is much, much younger. In fact, he told me that if he had no idea he would guess my "skin age" to be about half of that of my actual age. Furthermore, he is amazed that the scars that he has come to know as unique to me are fading every time that I see him. Of course, we have discussed my Metabolic TypingŪ lifestyle, and now that he understands it he is convinced that is the reason.

Can Metabolic TypingŪ Really Do All That?

Finally there is Liz. I have been receiving massages and body work from her for almost 3 years now. She has seen me through all sorts of training (high/low volume, high/low intensity, and everything in-between) and several injuries; but the one thing that she continues to comment on is my ability to recover. It seems to happen at an amazing rate; and certainly much faster than she is accustomed to seeing in her practice. Liz is a very holistic person, and she and I discuss Metabolic TypingŪ all the time. Just like the others, she is convinced that my Metabolic TypingŪ lifestyle is what allows me to recover at such an accelerated rate.

So, can Metabolic TypingŪ really do all of that? I am living proof that it can. It is amazing to see the human body in action when it is given the right fuel. I will say without hesitation that I totally believe the human body's capacity for vibrant health is limitless. It very well may not be the only way, but unquestionably Metabolic TypingŪ is one of the ways; as me and my clients can certainly attest to

About Eric Talmant

Eric Talmant is a top lightweight powerlifter and has a "passion for all things nutrition." A 1996 graduate of the University of Evansville, Eric is a certified Metabolic TypingŪ advisor www.mt-advisors.info/EditIndex.php. Talmant is certified to offer the Advanced Metabolic TypingŪ Test as well as order blood work (the Signet MRT Test, U.S. BioTek ELISA IgG allergy test, the High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein heart health test); as well as the BioHealth Diagnostics Adrenal and Hormone saliva test Profiles.

Eric has competed in the ADFPA, NASA, AAPF, APF, APA, the WPO, and the Raw Unity Meet. He holds the APF Florida state men's open equipped squat record of 678 pounds. He has been ranked in the top in the 75K class among all raw lifters in the United States for the past two years and he was a top equipped lifter in the two years before that.

His best equipped lifts are a 683 pound squat, 391 pound bench press, and a 650 pound deadlift in the 75K weight class. His best raw lifts to date are 485 pound squat without knee wraps, 290 pound bench press, and 635 pound deadlift.

He is also the founder and contest director of the Raw Unity Meet www.rawunitymeet.com which experienced great success in 2008 and 2009.

Talmant brings a unique skill set and 16 years of nutritional experience to his sponsors BMF Sports, Ultra Life, Inc., Critical Bench, and Titan Support Systems. He lives in rural Spring Hill, Florida, and can be reached through his web site at www.erictalmant.com


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