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Megan Fox vs Angelina Jolie - Why Megan Is Hotter
By Rusty Moore

Megan Fox vs Angelina Jolie - Why Megan's Hotter

Megan Fox just could be the sexiest woman in Hollywood. I'm not only stating this because she has an excellent physique or amazing looks. I believe that she has an attractive "vibe" about her at the same time. Let's evaluate her to Angelina Jolie...

Megan Fox is Sexier Than Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie takes herself overly serious! I've pointed this out to many of my female buddies and so they tell me that "I'm afraid of an effective woman". This isn't true at all. Guys just like a woman with a good good vibe about her. Angelina does not have that cheerful aura about her. Megan seems like she would be much more enjoyable to hang out with.

Is it Simply because Megan Fox is Younger?

Age truly doesn't have anything to try and do with it. Megan is in her early 20's and Angelina is in her early 30's. This is a ten yr age distinction, however it is not why men are much more drawn to Fox. There is certainly something to be said about the constructive energy of youth, but even when Angelina was younger she appeared to take herself also critically. Much more than anything she requirements to smile a little a lot more.

Age truly doesn't have anything to try and do with it

Megan Fox Originates from a Simple Background.

Angelina Jolie comes from a "Hollywood Family". Her dad is Jon Voight who was performing films several years prior to she was born. There is something to be said for any self-made star. Megan was born in Tenessee inside a small family and started acting when she was thirteen. She started educated in acting and modeling in the age of 5. It took her several years prior to she acquired observed. I'm positive her beautiful appears helped, however it was not like she was an "overnight sensation".

Fake Tan, Plastic Surgical treatment, etc...

Many ladies point to the work she has had completed. Apparently she has had a few methods accomplished, but she was gorgeous woman anyway. The tan and teeth lightening along with the tiny treatments are only great tuning. Megan Fox is not a lady that looks plastic like Pamela Anderson. She is just flat-out sexy.

She Is In Excellent Shape

Angelina is in fantastic shape too, but features a tendency to obtain a bit as well skinny. Megan Fox stays slim, although not in a way that appears unhealthy. Megan went from just becoming slim, to being toned for her function in Transformers. She admits to not experiencing working out, but does so anyway. In the event you look at her flat and toned belly in Transformers, you realize that she did prep fairly challenging for that function.

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