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September 25, 2022

The No Bull Guide To Losing Weight And Toning Up
By Steve Shaw

The No Bull Guide To Losing Weight And Toning Up

It seems like every one is a fitness and diet guru. Don’t believe me? Do a search on Twitter, and you’ll find an army of experts. And nearly every one of these experts has a different opinion on how you can lose weight and get toned up.

I’m going to cut through the bull, and give your the simple steps to turning your physique, health and life around. And unlike the gurus, my information isn’t meant to sell you anything, nor is it backed a corporation-funded study.

If you want to lose weight and add muscle tone, do the following…

Junk carbs. Drop junk carbs from your diet. No more chips, cookies, candy bars, crackers, soda, white bread, or anything else with tons of sugar or processed flour. These foods are “white poison.” Cutting junk carbs from your diet will help you feel healthier, and more energetic.

Daytime eating. Try to limit your carbs during the day. Focus on fruits and raw vegetables, and protein rich foods such as cheese, almonds, fish and eggs. Essential fats are ok to eat as well; a salad with an oil and vinegar dressing is a great choice for lunch. By eating fewer daytime carbs, you’ll feel more aware and energetic. Save your big meal for dinner. You’ll feel more satisfied, and won’t be tempted to eat junk before bed.

The No Bull Guide To Losing Weight And Toning Up

Cheat days. Allow yourself a cheat day every now and then. Trying to go months without a piece of cake, or a plate of nachos can turn most people into ravenous beasts that eventually toss their diets aside, and eat everything in sight.

Lift weights. It’s impossible to look toned if you do not lift weights. And it’s not good enough to lift 5 pound dumbbells, and expect your body to instantly look sexy and sleek. You have to lift more weight each workout…you have to focus on progression. If you don’t, you’ll lose fat, but still look flabby. And if you don’t have access to a gym, try bodyweight workouts. Ross Training is an invaluable tool for bodyweight training information.

Protein. You must eat enough protein. Women should get a minimum of 100 grams a day, and men 150 grams. Protein will assist your body in retaining muscle while you lose fat. It also aids in muscle growth, after your diet is over. Most people don’t eat nearly enough protein.

Fat. Don’t avoid healthy fats. Eating healthy fats doesn’t make you fat. Nine times out of ten you’ve packed on fat because of junk food and soda. Healthy fats are vital to the body.

Calories. Monitor your daily calories. It is daily caloric intake, more than anything else, that determines if you gain or lose weight. Estimate your lean body weight (weight less fat) using a skinfold caliper. Now multiple that number by 14. The result is the number of calories you should be eating each day to lose fat at a healthy rate. If after a month, the fat isn’t coming off with this formula, drop the multiplier down to 13.

The No Bull Guide To Losing Weight And Toning Up Cardio. Cardio activities are good, but too much cardio can result in muscle loss. Try to limit your cardio to a reasonable amount. Have you ever seen a muscular marathon runner? ‘Nuff said.

Water. Drink more water. Most people don’t drink nearly enough water each day. Your body needs water to flush out toxins stored from excess fat.

The scale. Don’t be a slave to the scale. A skinfold caliper is more vital to your fitness journey. it will tell you how much fat is on your frame, as well as how much muscle you have. Get a caliper.

Summary. Losing weight and toning up is actually a lot more simple than you think. By following these 10 guidelines, you’ll find yourself fit, trim, tone, and feeling much, much better in no time.


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