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September 25, 2022

3 Keys to Muscle Building
By Joey Vaillancourt

3 Keys to Muscle Building

Today I wanted to try to explain precisely what it takes to build muscle without going into too complicated of details.

I discover that you will find so a lot of individuals and authors on the market today that over complicate this subject to merely lure you into purchasing their latest program or their newest supplement.

Now of course, I have my own muscle building program and I will suggest some supplements to you too but I am not saying that it is wrong. Today I just need to provide you with very good information which will hopefully clear up any confusion about what it takes to create muscle in its essence.

I'm going to keep this nice and simple and base it on personal experience because in the end I believe your personal experiences are the most effective way to measure any kind of outcomes. You can't just rely on 'studies' or 'university tests' as most of these tests are either biased or they are based on genetically gifted people.

What do you have to do to build muscle?

Well let's think about this question for a moment.

First of all, realize that your body is more than content with staying exactly the way it is appropriate now. It would rather not alter and it can be programmed to be this way following thousands of years of evolution. This means that to create any change in our bodies' composition, we are going to have to 'coax' it or persuade it in performing so.

So for today's purpose, building muscle, how do we persuade our bodies to do this?

We have to give it a 'reason' to grow!

You can find numerous ways to do this but I am going to break it down into some manageable peices.

3 Keys to Muscle Building

Caloric Surplus:

Among the keys to gaining muscle and weight is to consume many more calories. The reason we want to give our bodies a lot more calories is due to the fact if we are going to demand far more out of them than what they are accustomed to, then we must feed them with far more fuel.

Think of it as in case you need to travel further in an automobile. If 1 tank of gas gets you so far but you want to go further, you should have a little more gas right? It's the exact same for developing muscle. Feed it much more so you have far more energy to push it into spurting new muscle.

Now without having going into excruciating details (which just isn't the point of this specific post), you cannot basically overfeed on junk food. Make sure you might be eating lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Progressive Overload:

Now that you're eating enough to give your body 'extra energy' you may need to stress the muscles to ensure that they respond by growing larger.

Your muscles are presently the size they are based on the level of activity you've participated in in the past, your genetics and your strength.

We cannot alter your genetics, but we can however change your strength to a degree together with elicit hypertrophy (muscle constructing) by weight training.

To put it simply, you'll want to start progressively overloading your body with some form of resistance training.

Honestly, don't get too concerned about obtaining that 'Special' program which will be much better than all of the other programs out there. You can find just too a lot of training programs to attempt and decide on 'the best' one.

In my encounter, they all work! Yes obviously some may be better than others but in the end you will get outcomes regardless of which program you attempt as long as you follow the key rules to muscle creating. Rely on the foundation and principles instead of the program. In doing so, you'll get outcomes regardless of which program you are on.

What are the foundation and principles?

Progressive Overload, Adapt, Proper Form, Mindset, Rest and Recovery.

3 Keys to Muscle Building Pretty basic right?

The main factor is to continue stressing the muscles by either overloading with volume training, becoming stronger by strength training and taking care to give your body enough time to rest and recover and consequently GROW!

This isn't to say that you can just maintain getting stronger to the point that you will be performing 1000lb bench presses, but by cycling your training via different stages, you will begin to get closer to what your genetic potential for muscle mass genuinely is.

Eventually the gains will get harder to come by, but in the event you are just beginning out, this may not be an issue.

Accepting the Inevitable:

By applying the proper factors for muscle developing, you are going to start to gain lean mass and you'll begin to gain weight which is great since that is the goal we are after.

Nonetheless, you have to also accept that when you are gaining muscle that it really is nearly impossible not to gain a bit of fat while doing so.

Now I know you'll a lot of men and women claiming that it can be completed but in my encounter these are people who are genetically gifted and they are the exception to the rule.

Other people who tell you this could be folks attempting to sell you something.

Finally, you are able to get rid of fat gain by gaining muscle at a slower rate.

It really is your option, but for those of you who desire to develop some severe muscle as speedily and efficiently as achievable, then you may just have to accept a bit of fat gain.

What exactly is a 'bit'?

Well for the most part, for every single 4lbs of muscle or lean mass you develop, you will probably accumulate about 1-2lbs of fat with this. Obviously this is in case you are doing everything correct and eating relatively clean.

Now you might be saying 'I don't desire to gain fat!'.

Just understand that the muscle you create throughout the course of your muscle developing phase will likely be on your body permanently provided you continue training and consuming proper.

What you should do is go on a muscle constructing phase for about 6 months or so or longer (it really is up to you) then you want to go on a fat burning phase for a couple of months to burn off the accumulated fat and maintain the muscle!

See how that works?

This is just the way it is and I have experienced this myself and it's not as bad as it sounds. Many people do this continually and they consistently add 5-10lbs of muscle each time they do this until they begin to reach their maximum genetic potential.

The excellent factor about doing this is you also get larger every time you go through these phases and you start to optimize your gains and enhance on your muscle to fat gain ratios.

Just accept a bit of fat when gaining muscle and do not tension over it. It happens to all of us and you may certainly be more grateful for the muscle right after it's all said and done.

3 Keys to Muscle Building


Those are 3 basic areas of muscle developing that should help you understand it a little better.

I hope it is simple enough and it does not make you over-think which is in my opinion the one factor individuals do too much of (including myself at times).

Keep things basic and usually go back to the beginning.

In knowing about these three issues, it should put your mind at ease and let you focus on training, dieting and enjoying the journey.

Here for you,
Joey Vaillancourt NSCA-CPT



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