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June 10, 2023

Interview With Bodybuilder & Diet Coach Tad Inoue
Interviewed by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - September 2008

Interview With Bodybuilder & Diet Coach Tad Inoue

1) CRITICAL BENCH: Tad please tell us about yourself.

My name is Tad Inoue, I live in Southern CA and I am a professional diet coach for bodybuilding and figure athletes. I have been a competitive bodybuilder since 1989 and a coach and nutritionist since graduate school. My background is in biochemistry, nutrition and exercise and sports science. I run www.tadthedietcoach.com and make my living as a nutritionist and diet coach full time.

2) CRITICAL BENCH: What has been your favorite moments so far in your bodybuilding journey?

My favorite moment was meeting my partner and better half, Bernadette Marturano. She accepts me for all that I am and I accept her for all that she is.

My favorite bodybuilding moment was when I realized that I was doing exactly what I was called to do in life, coach others on diet.

3) CRITICAL BENCH: What gym do you train at and what is it like?

I train at Gold's gym in Temecula, CA. It is a fairly serious gym. To be honest, I mainly stick my head down and train, if I don't I get bombarded with questions from people about diet and training. And I am in the gym to train!

Interview With Bodybuilder & Diet Coach Tad Inoue

4) CRITICAL BENCH: What do you think of most of the bodybuilders in the game?

LOL.... some I would have over for dinner, and some I wouldn't... I have met many great people over the last 23 years in this sport, and I have met some pretty challenging people. But people are who they are. I don't read too far into that, I do what I can to help, add value to others and leave the judgments to others.

5) CRITICAL BENCH: You're very deep. Tell us about your diet!

I still compete so I have an off-season and a contest diet. In the off -season, I stay very regimented but I still allow myself flexibility. I manage my diet with clean foods and lots of nutrients at the appropriate times. I can't give too much away. But I will say this, I maintain 6.5% body fat year around, without cardio.

6) CRITICAL BENCH: Amazing! Give us your workout routine?

My workout routine changes every workout. But my body parts don't each week. I work my body once a week with 2 days off during the off-season and 1 day off at contest time. I contain my volume of training to about 12-14 working sets at 12-14 reps per set. I do 3 to 4 exercises per body part.

7) CRITICAL BENCH: What makes the difference between champion bodybuilders and average lifters?

2 things! Good genetics and a willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals. This means you have to be willing to believe in yourself when all others say you can't or won't. You have to be able to plug through this sport for sometimes years without reward just on the faith along that you have what it takes.

8) CRITICAL BENCH: What have been the 5 highlights of your bodybuilding career?

I have never really thought about this in these terms. I see my bodybuilding career as a journey that I enjoy daily. Not in milestones. They are all wonderful.

9) CRITICAL BENCH: Very enlightening response! What are your future goals?

Interview With Bodybuilder & Diet Coach Tad Inoue Keep doing what I am doing. I would like to continue to compete and get my pro card and I would like to continue to work with Pros, amateurs and anyone who would like me to help them.

10) CRITICAL BENCH: What do you enjoy doing away from bodybuilding?

Cooking with my lady Bernadette and going to the movies. I also love philosophy and writing.

11) CRITICAL BENCH: What is the best advice you were ever told and what was the worst?

The worst advice was I was given was to give up. The best advice I gave to myself...follow my heart always.

12) CRITICAL BENCH: What are some of the biggest reactions you have ever gotten towards your god like physique?

LOL...I once had a woman rip my shirt open in a club in Vegas once. That was surprising.

13) CRITICAL BENCH: What is your advice for the younger bodybuilder who looks up to you?

Don't give up. If you really want it, and you want the championship physique, then you have to want it for a lifetime. What this means is you have a lifetime commitment to yourself with this and you may have to spend a lifetime doing it just to achieve it.

14) CRITICAL BENCH: What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Humm... That I continually ask myself questions and I am not afraid to take risks.

15) CRITICAL BENCH: How do you want to be remembered?

As a good lover to my mate, a sincere friend to those who knew me and as a person of distinctive moral aptitude.

Well, it has been awesome interviewing you! We at Critical Bench wish you the best with everything you do! In closing who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank my wonderful mate Bernadette Marturano for always putting up with me, my twin brother Asao, who is always an inspiration to me, my mother, who gave me my sincerity, and my clients who reward me with their friendship, generosity and faith.



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