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May 18, 2024

Interview With Fitness Model Loriann Marchese
Interviewed by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - April 2009

Interview With Fitness Model Loriann Marchese

CRITICAL BENCH: How did you get involved in the fitness industry?

I have been addicted in going to the gym since I was 16 yrs old. I have been addicted since I joined my first gym. I then pursued swimsuit modeling for 5 years and appeared in several magazines. Now it's time to take my hard body to another level and I have decided to join the fitness world!

CRITICAL BENCH: How did you get involved with Fitness Atlantic and how do you enjoy being a part of the Fitness Atlantic experience?

My trainer is Butch Paradis from Paradis Fit Systems in Bristol, CT. I have been training so hard for the BIG time show dfs Fitness Atlantic! Butch Paradis speaks very highly of this show. It is an amazing show!

Interview With Fitness Model Loriann Marchese CRITICAL BENCH: What do you think of Brian Cannone, the president of Fitness Atlantic?

LADIES and GENTLEMEN, PLEASE STAND UP!!!! It's Brain from Fitness Atlantic! Not only is his show absolutely one of the biggest and best, but he is one successful person. He is a role model!

CRITICAL BENCH: So tell me, how does it feel to do your first big time interview with Critical Bench?

I feel so honored. It's an incredible feeling!

CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about your web site?

My own personal website called www.misslori-ann.com you can find photos, past event photos, upcoming schedule and more!

CRITICAL BENCH: What advice would you give to up and coming models that want to get started in the biz?

It takes time and hard work to become a model and to get noticed. You need to be confident, hard working and a go getter!

CRITICAL BENCH: Who has been influential in your career?

My finance' has been a huge support in my career. He has been there through ups and downs and has been a motivator for me!

CRITICAL BENCH: What's the best and worth thing about being a fitness model?

Best thing is that you ALWAYS look good and have a nice body. My worst thing is the mirror! I stare at it too much.

CRITICAL BENCH: Is one of your greatest challenges is having to ask yourself "do I have to wear this shirt or that shirt?"

Yes! hahaha!

CRITICAL BENCH: When you look at yourself in the mirror are you your best friend or your own worst enemy?

I do critique myself a lot. But I could not live without it!

CRITICAL BENCH: What are your future goals in this industry?

To become the cover model for Oxygen magazine and for short term to be interviewed for Critical Bench! You guys Rock!

CRITICAL BENCH: Lori, tell us what your diet is like in order to maintain such low body fat?

PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN! And lots of veggies and low sugar foods.

Interview With Fitness Model Loriann Marchese

CRITICAL BENCH: Tell our readers what your workout schedule consists off.

  • Monday and Tuesday- OFF

  • Wednesday- Weight training

  • Thursdays- 30 min. cardio

  • Friday- Weight training

  • Saturday- 30 min cardio

  • Sunday- Weight training

CRITICAL BENCH: Let's have some fun and get to know this bombshell behind her beautiful looks and amazing spirit! You have a brain and a lot of fun as well, so I am going to name a topic and you give me a response in a sentence or less, here we go:

I drive a... 328Xi BMW red coupe

My favorite bodypart is... My Glutes

My favorite exercise is... Bicep curls

A fitness event during the year that I look forward to is... fitness atlantic

The best thing ever told to me was... good things happen to people who wait

The last time I cried was... when my grandfather passed away 11/15/2008. I love you

I love listening to... dance music

My ideal vacation is... on an island with a spa treatment

One thing that I love about myself is that... I am full of energy

Interview With Fitness Model Loriann Marchese For fun I love to go... snowmobiling and quading

I am always... smiling!

I love my... parents

My favorite health food is... walnuts

If I could cheat right now and not get fat I would eat... nachos

If I was an actress I would like to be in a.... horror movie

My favorite kind of animal is... dogs

If I had to be an animal I would be... a Lion! King of the world with a hard beautiful body

Love is... I cannot describe love!

The most fun I ever had was when... I flew on a propellar airplane to St. Barts

I believe that... everything happens for a reason

CRITICAL BENCH: In closing who would you like to thank?

I would like to thanks my finance' who is a big motivation to me and a big support. Also like to thank my mom, dad and sisters for giving me this body and their support. Of course Ben Tatar for the great interview, he has an awesome personality!


Loriann Marchese
Interview With Fitness Model Loriann Marchese



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