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By Robert Kennedy and Dennis B. Weis

Dextrose - Sea Salt and Potassium

"Shocking NEW BODYBUILDING BOOK Opens the Vault Containing Diaries of Hidden or Suppressed (It's none of your business. You are not supposed to know.) Powerful 'Time-Tested Bodybuilding Secrets' Of Past & Present Champion Bodybuilders, and Strongmen!...REVEALED Are The "Hold-Nothing-Back" Secrets (some you've heard of...or maybe not) For Building COMMANDO-TOUGH Muscle Mass and Strength QUICKLY and NATURALLY.

Toronto, Canada (October 2010) - Over a year in the making, Dennis B. Weis and Robert Kennedy join forces once again with a genuine passion to co-author a new and in-depth, 490+ pages, 16 chapters, content rich, reality based manual titled: Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass & Strength Secrets!.

Today as yesterday, serious Bodybuilders the world over are looking for a Pure and Simple muscle mass & strength success formula that will be interactive with their targeted development, goals and available time lifestyle. Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass & Strength Secrets! was written with this in mind.

For Serious Bodybuilders THERE IS NO ONE EFFECTIVE FACTOR for building superior muscle mass and strength. It's not the Muscle Punishing Workouts, Sacred Adventure Nutrition, How Much Non-REM/REM Sleep You Get , Subconscious Muscle Enhancing Thoughts, Power of Will or Physical & Mechanical Restorative Modalities. It's not any single one of these muscle mass & strength pay day factors by itself. It's all of them, and more, combined together as an expressed winning formula (aka-Juxtaposition Principle also aka-Unified Field Theory of Bodybuilding) which becomes a tremendous force for influencing a radical metamorphosis for BUILDING (almost) UNRIVALED MAXIMUM MUSCLE MASS & STRENGTH...QUICKLY and NATURALLY without any help from Doctor Hormone.

The early chapters of Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass & Strength Secrets! freely shares an impeccable 6-Phase Muscle-Gain and Strength Program that specifically speaks to a multitude of factors for generating bigger gains in dense rock hard muscle and igniting record shattering strength. This includes;

  • Welcome to My Nightmare' REAL Training Programs
  • 'Shrewd' Energy Explosive Anabolic Muscle-Building Diets
  • Dominating Steps to Guaranteed Quality Sleep

Additionally there is a multitude of good choice informative factors on;

  • Powerful Supplementation Tactics (Alfalfa, Chlorophyll Muscle Gain Secret etc.)
  • Twelve-Week Muscle Weight-Gaining Guide
  • Perfect Training Program Requirements
  • Realistic Training Expectations
  • Mind Power Doctrines of the Modern Iron Warrior Brotherhood now sweeping the planet

...AND THAT'S NOT ALL! In the, interest grabbing, second half of Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass & Strength Secrets!, you will discover 'school is never out' effective secret factors for vigorously protecting previously hard earned muscle mass and strength, such as;

  • 'Sanity Tested' Signature Training Winning Edge Workouts
  • Homicidal...Kill Crazy Red-Line Intensity Manipulation Techniques
  • Super Muscle & Strength Specialization Factors (nearly a book in itself)
  • 100+ Leverage Smart 'Iron Jungle' Exercise Descriptions
  • Time Parameter Reference Charts

"This book of appreciated 'need to know advice' is not based on unreasonable thick skull theory," say the authors. "The finally explained and timeless information in this book has been arrived at through INTENSE STUDY of profound, "Not just 'old school' but 'old school turned new' EXPLODE YOUR GAINS shortcut factors and high performance muscle & strength deep-dish research discoveries of tomorrow's bodybuilding technologies."

Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass & Strength Secrets! is an inspired WORDS and PICTURES, different-from-the-others page turning readable book crammed full of vital unsuppressed 'engaging genetic potential' triggering information with only one purpose in mind:


This read and apply, 'benefit you FOR LIFE', book will guide you with clear and concise brass balls discussions on:

  • Determining Optimal Workout Overload
  • Rep Contraction Tempo's
  • Lactic Acid Paralysis Multi-Poundage Principle
  • Unorthodox1/6 Method
  • One Regular Set Plus Fast Doubles Technique
  • 10 Speed Pump Technique
  • "4" Natural Anabolic Stimulators
  • Dangerously Reckless -Anabolic Drugs
  • The $500 Short-Long Term Goal Guarantee
  • Muscle Memory Recall
  • Cryokinetic Ice Massage
  • Gut Wrenching Demon Training Technique
  • High-Gear Muscle Rounds
  • Muscle Mass Negatives & Positives
  • One-Day Blitz Method For Adding ½ Inch of Muscle in 24 Hours
  • Cross The Line Soviet Shock Training Tactic
  • Fraction Sets Principle "Greatest Arm Routine of All Time"
  • 3-8-12 Method For Gaining Muscle Mass In 30 Days
  • "In The Shit" Psycho Workouts

Illustrated throughout the book are authentic captured, inspiring photos of past & present sweat soaked celebrity Bodybuilding champions and mighty strongmen training and posing- as an eyeball guidance system of 'How To'.

"This 'no fail make your muscle wail' immense unbiased book unlocks the door "to the true and powerful unlimited abundances of experiences, points of view, observations and blunt quotable quotes from the sophisticated champions of muscle mass & strength," say Weis and Kennedy.

Like a battering ram of crushing force, Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass & Strength Secrets! packs a powerful sensation in the 'suffer to gain' factor - with more than enough NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN useful hard hitting advice and relentlessly positive information to quicken your pulse and help you easily harness and master Bodybuilding confidence in a 24 hours stream which will save you years in your immediate progress rate of developing muscle mass & strength."

The conspiracy of ignorance of the present evolving Bodybuilding MISINFORMATION world is now about to be smashed (no more swimming upstream) and exposed by two polymorphic bona fide experts in the iron game...Weis an always honest world famous idealistic journalist researcher who cracked the muscle up formulas early in his career, and Kennedy a gutsy multi magazine empire publisher who from his entry into the sport, WHERE WORDS AND PICTURES INSPIRE, fought in print to open the 'doors of muscle sport perception' for accurate powerful effective information to reach the Bodybuilding oriented public.

Has your progress despite great effort, been slow-painfully slow? Griping about it won't help. If you have plodded in anguish and frustration and have failed to achieve new muscle & strength levels (due to anabolic slow down or exhaustion) from your workouts throughout the last six months and certainly longer periods, then you owe it to yourself to LEARN the unvarnished Sacred Trust secrets contained in the MONUMENTAL! CREDIBLE! BELIEVABLE! EASY TO APPLY! Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass And Strength Secrets! book.

With an open (Clear The Calculator) positive mind leave your seduced preconceptions and skepticisms of long-held traditions outside. You are about to enter a secret world where "old rules" of bodybuilding Do apply when they are Tweaked to Provide New and Greater Gains! Starting today now, this very moment in fact, Nothing about tapping into awe-inspiring leviathan muscle & strength potentials is impossible for you...

Be the "one-man-in-a-thousand" who always, like the champs, has positive mind energy answers...turn your Bodybuilding dreams into reality. Empower yourself to take control of your Bodybuilding destiny. MUSCLE UP and get NOTICED.

From beginning to end the NO NONSENSE muscle wisdom exploding off the pages of Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass And Strength Secrets! Produces MORE Than Promises...! Beginners up to advanced Bodybuilders will experience a personal satisfaction of Rapid, Dramatic and LASTING Results in the acquisition of unthinkable new muscle mass & brute strength. Remember the authors of HUGE & FREAKY MUSCLE MASS & STRENGTH SECRETS! Weis & Kennedy, are here to help you every step of the way.

Don't be a deadwood, emotional, neurotic basket-case when it comes to climbing the bodybuilding ladder of visible success. The TIME Factor is NOW.

So with full force conviction and urgency, order your "private" copy of HUGE & FREAKY MUSCLE MASS & STRENGTH SECRETS! for only $29.95 U.S. plus shipping & handling.

For credit card pre-orders call toll free 1-888-254-0767 or visit: ShopMuscleMag.com Also available, in October 2010 at all better bookstores, online retailers and Amazon.com

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