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May 18, 2024

How We Use The Prowler
by Elliott Hulse

How We Use The Prowler

Imagine for a moment that you’re an ex-athlete at the ripe old age of 54. You’ve spent the better part of your life training for high school, college, amateur and perhaps professional competition. You’ve run the bleachers, slammed your body fearlessly into tackling dummies and completed conditioning circuits so challenging that you could literally feel the earth spinning on its axis beneath your feet.

At my gym www.StrengthCamp.com you’ll typically find high school and college athletes pushing their physical, mental and emotional limits to achieve their athletic potential. You will also find the fathers of many of these athletes training directly afterward – and in some cases during the same sessions with their sons, who are often thirty years younger than them.

When these athletically inclined fathers observed the exhilaratingly hard work in which their “strapping young boys” were partaking, their primal urge began to boil up deep within their souls and they couldn’t resist joining us in our tire flipping, sled dragging and field romping sessions. Today, my Men’s Fitness Camp is a service in St. Petersburg that has become notorious for causing grown men to sweat, cry and VOMIT. A key ingredient in this concussion causing cocktail is a crucifix-like contraption that lays flat, is white and black, and makes “Free Trial” members never come back. It’s called The Prowler.

Grown men and young athletes enjoy nothing better then healthy competition. I will often conduct sessions that include Strongman medleys similar to those that I see in my local and national level Strongman competitions. A medley includes 3-5 different “odd” implements that competitors are expected to pull, push, drag, press, flip or throw.

How We Use The Prowler

In the examples below I will show you several different Strongman medleys, how we conduct them, and where The Prowler makes her appearance. If you are a slothful, overweight powerlifter or a skinny and smooth-bodied synchronized diver, I deliver you this WARNING: These medleys WILL make you sick, so don’t actually do them. They are only intended for “hard nosed” ex-athletes and jarheads who thoroughly enjoy the pain associated with hard work and dry heaving. This article is meant for entertainment purposes only and it is in your best interest to read this it and then completely forget everything you’ve read. Thank you.

Number One

  • 20 yd. low handle Prowler push with 2 – 45 plates

  • 500 lb. Tire Flip x 3

  • 150 lb. Keg Carry 20 yards with turn at 10 yards

  • 500 lb Tire Flip x 3 back

  • 20 yd. high handle Prowler push back with 2 – 45 plates

Number Two

  • 150 lb. Keg Clean & Press x 5

  • 30 yd. Backward Sled Drag with 4 – 45 plates

  • Farmers Carry 100 lbs per hand 30 yd. back

  • 30 yd. low handle Prowler with 2 – 45 plates

  • 30 yd. high handle Prowler back with 2 – 45 plates

Number Three

  • 100 lb Sand Bag Carry 60 yards

  • Load & deload the same Sand Bag onto a 54” platform x 10

  • 60 yd. Prowler Push with 2 – 45 & 2 – 25 plates away

  • 40 lb medicine ball Squat Push Throws with sprint back

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