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September 25, 2022

How To Instantly Increase Your Business By 20-40%
by Brian Cannone

How To Instantly Increase Your Business By 20-40%

There is one little-known trick that most offline business owners don't use that can literally increase your business instantly by 20-40% or even more. This is a trick that's very commonly used with online marketing, but for some reason people simply haven't taken it to the offline world yet.

So what is this secret I'm talking about?

It's called picking up your lost sales!

Let me give you an example to clarify this much further for you.

Two people each have a health club in the same neighborhood. For examples sake, we'll pretend they both have the exact same amount of revenue coming in, the same amount of marketing, the same amount of expenses, and that everything else in their business is exactly the same.

How To Instantly Increase Your Business By 20-40%

However, there's one big difference.

Company A has a system in place that keeps following up with people interested in the health club but haven't quite made it there yet to actually buy a membership.

Company B simply let's them go and pretends they were never even interested in the business. The prospect comes into the place, tries it out for a few days, and leaves without ever hearing from the company again.

Who do you think is going to grow their business faster?

Company A of course!

Following up with interested prospects is literally one of the most easy and lucrative things you can do for your business. Studies have shown that on average, it takes a person roughly 7 times of being asked for the sale to actually make the purchase.

Are you getting your message in front of your prospects face at least 7 times? If not, you're losing out on tons of money.

Here are a few ways to follow up on missed sales and grab tons of extra revenue you never would have had:

  1. Direct Mail - Go out and purchase a list of people you think would be interested in your services. For example you could find out what your ideal prospect reads and get a list of people in your area who read a certain magazine. Then create a direct mail sequence containing not just 1 direct mail piece, but several.

  2. Start A Newsletter - Just like many online business owners are doing, you can start an offline newsletter as well. One idea is to advertise the newsletter in your direct mail piece, and within the newsletter you would obviously advertise for people to come sign up at your place of business.

  3. Create A Contest - Hold a local contest or some kind of publicity event at your place of business. During this event, have a place where people can sign up to receive a discount or special offer if they sign up for your newsletter. Then again, advertise your services within your newsletter so people will sign up for it over time.

Putting just these 3 ideas to use and making sure you follow up with your prospects is a very easy way to capture people who are "on the fence", just not quite ready to buy yet. Then down the line when they're ready to purchase your services, you'll be in constant contact with them so they'll purchase your services instead of your competitors!


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