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October 7, 2022

The Home Glute Ham Raise
By Brian J. Schwab for CriticalBench.com

The Home Glute Ham Raise

Strength athletes have long realized that their posterior chain is the most important area for producing power, whether it be running and jumping or squatting and deadlifting. The lower back, hamstrings, glutes, and calves play the most important role in these movements. Nothing strengthens these muscle groups like a glute ham raise. Yes, a leg curl will strengthen them, but not through the correct motion. A leg curl strengthens the hamstrings and glutes through knee flexion, rather than hip extension, which isn't practical and doesn't transfer to most movements. The glute ham raise allows you to strengthen the hip and knee joints through hip extension, the same motion which directly carries over to almost all sports' movements.

I'm a perfect example of how much of an impact a glute ham raise can make on a squat. After competitively Powerlifting for over 10 years my squat training had reached a screeching halt. Although I had achieved the prestigious honor of being ranked number one nationally in my weight class, my squat had become stagnant at 688. I trained at the YMCA where I worked and didn't have access to a glute ham raise. After opening Orlando Barbell and beginning to use a glute ham raise my squat has now rocketed to over 800 lbs. The glute ham raise has without a doubt played the biggest role in this.

The Home Glute Ham Raise

Up until now, glute ham raises have cost hundreds to thousands of dollars which has been too costly and impractical for purchase for home use. Many lifters have resorted to crude makeshift glute movements by fixing their legs under a bar. Others use training partners to hold their legs which is dubbed a "natural glute ham raise." Unfortunately this just becomes another variation of a leg curl since the hips don't become involved. Now, home gym users have a new option. "The Home Glute Ham Raise."

"The Home Glute Ham Raise" is a floor based glute ham raise that is affordable for home gym users with all of the benefits of a full scale model. It adjusts from 39.5" to 46.5" in length and is 20.5" in width. It is lightweight yet sturdy and can handle even the heaviest lifter due to the unique counter balance which weight can be added to. In addition to the traditional glute ham raise, some of the movements that can be performed on the Home Glute Ham Raise include:

  • Assisted glute ham raise push ups

  • Abdominal crunches or sit ups

  • Oblique crunches or sit ups

  • Abdominal torso twists

  • Lower back raises

  • Dumbbell rear delt raises

  • And more…..

Stop wasting your time with pointless glute movements and get your "Home Glute Ham Raise" today!

Brian J. Schwab, BS, CSCS
President, Orlando Barbell, Inc.
2784 Wrights Rd., Ste. 1004
Oviedo, FL 32765



Finally a Home GHR!!!


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