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October 7, 2022

Hire The Right Staff And You The Owner
Won't Have To Put In Long Hours

by Brian Cannone

Hire The Right Staff And You The Owner Won't Have To Put In Long Hours

When you first got the idea of opening up your own health club, what were you looking for?

Were you looking for freedom, or for just another JOB?

As far as I know, pretty much every entrepreneur is looking for freedom when they open their own business, and I'm guessing you are too.

So, why are you working 60 hours per week?

It's because you're afraid to let go! This is a problem with easily 90% of business owners. They want things done so perfectly that they're afraid if they're not in the building at all times, things will go down the tubes and the business will die.

Trust me, that's almost never the case. As long as you have the right staff, you can take weeks, even months of being away from the business and have everything run perfectly smooth and prosperous for you.

So how do you do that?

First, you need the "lower" staff such as the trainers to be able to do their jobs correctly. The chain is as strong as the weakest link, so every member of your staff needs to be properly trained and needs to know exactly what they need to do everyday they're working.

Hire The Right Staff And You The Owner Won't Have To Put In Long Hours

Second, you need to have managers in place that watch over the trainers, deal with customers, etc. You can't expect every staff member to know exactly how to do everything the business needs to do because that's simply unreasonable. You should have different people for the proper jobs.

Third, if you plan on spending a lot of time away from the business you should have a Director type person who watches the managers, helps with marketing, and overall knows how to run the business by themselves and only calls you if there is a problem or if they don't know how to do a certain thing.

Now I realize you may be thinking "Yea, but that's going to cost a lot of money isn't it?"

Yes you're absolutely right about that, but think about it. If you have so much extra time, do you think you could use that time to come up with new income streams or even start a new business? The purpose of "freedom" isn't necessarily for you to be able to sit on the beach drinking cocktails everyday - trust me it gets boring after a very short amount of time.

The purpose of "freedom" is for you to be able to take a vacation whenever you want, whether it's once a year or once a month depending on what you like to do. It's the ability to not HAVE to be there in order for things to work.

Now you might not be able to do this instantly. Spend the next few weeks or months making everything systematic in your business and have the right people in place (and know your numbers very well so you can assure you'll be making a profit) and slowly start outsourcing the meaningless jobs you do onto somebody else. Then use the extra time to do what you want to do, whether that's coming up with new income streams, spending more time with your family, going on vacations, or whatever else you might want to do!


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